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    Margaret Wackerlin, Building Nurse
    Email Address: 
    Phone Number: 630-608-5102
    Fax Number: 630-608-5197

General Announcements

  • For specific information about Medications and Treatments, please see the Medications Section of the website here
    All Students
    All students will be bringing home Annual Health History and Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment form. Parents, please complete form and have the student return the form to the nurse as soon as possible. 
    6th Graders
    All 6th graders require a complete dental exam on file. Exams must be dated no earlier than November 15, 2016. These completed forms can now be turned in to the nurse at Murphy or to your home school's nurse and will avoid any delay in getting your student's schedule. Please contact the Murphy nurse, Margaret Wackerlin, at 630 608 5102 or via email at, if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter. 
    8th Graders
    All incoming 9th graders are required to have an updated physical and immunization record on file with the school health office. These physicals can be dated as early as August 16th, 2017 and must be a complete physical. Sports physicals do not qualify for this requirement. Freshmen will not have access to their schedules until this requirement is fulfilled. Please remember that all medication orders expire at the end of the year so a new doctor's order is needed if a student is required to take medication during school hours. EVERY student needs to have an updated Annual Health History and Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment form on file. This is a form that needs to be completed every school year. All forms are available on the District website or through the nurse's office at your student's current school. All of these forms can be turned in to the nurse at your student's current school.
    All Grades
    "Student Health Information" form needs to be completed by all students and returned to the nurse for the next school year. You can find the form by clicking HERE.
     Please remember, it is cold and flu season. Students should not be at school if they have a fever or if they have been vomitting in the past 24 hours.