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    Help Guide

    How to Download the SD308 App

    Download from iTunes


    Download from Google play  

    • Go to the App Store or Google Play
    • Search "SD 308"
    • Select "Free" and then "Install"
    • You will need to know your Apple or Google account password
    • After it has installed select "Open"
    • You have now downloaded the app

    How to Customize Your News and Calendar Feeds

    • Select the News icon
    • By default you will see all the district level news feeds
    • Select the "Wheel" in the top right hand corner
    • Select which school(s) you wish to follow
    • Choose which type of news you want to follow
    • Select "Back" and then "Done"
    • Now your customized selection will display in your News Section
    • Select the Calendar icon
    • Select the "Wheel" in the top right hand corner
    • Select which school(s) you wish to follow
    • Select "Done"
    • Your App is now customized
    View Grades, Assignments, Attendance, Lunch Balance
    • The SD308 App allows you to view your child's grades, assignments, attendance record and cafeteria balance
      • Currently, grades are only updated ONCE a day on the app. We are working on updating the grades more frequently but for the most up-to-date grades, you will need to access HAC on your desktop.
      • The grades and assignments are pulled from the Home Access Center. If you child's grades do not display in the HAC they will not show on the app either.
    • Select the Student Info icon
    • You will need to enter your Home Access Center Login ID and password. If you don't know your HAC information, please contact the Home Access coordinator at your student's building.
    • Once you are logged in you will see your child's picture displayed
    • Click on your child's picture
    • To view grades click on "Classes". You will see the overall grades on the right hand side
    • To view information about specific assignments, select a class.
    • Enjoy the app

    Set up Push Notifications

    • Open the App
    • On the first page select "Notifications"
    • Your "Inbox" is any messages you have received through our new ParentLink Communication System
    • Alerts are push notifications that pop-up on your phone
    • To set-up an alert select the "Wheel" in the top right hand corner.
    • You can set up alerts for:
      • Any time a new message is sent
      • When you child’s class grades drops below a certain threshold
      • When your child’s grade has been updated by the teacher
    • To set a threshold select an alert topic
    • Change "Off" to "On"
    • Then pick your threshold
    • It's that easy