The Tiger Depot
  • PBIS at Thompson Junior High School

    What is PBIS? PBIS stands for Positve Behavioral Supports and Interventions. It is a prevention-oriented approach to student behaivor that is characterized by its focus on defining and teaching behavioral expectations, rewarding appropriate behaviors, continual evaluation of its effectiveness and the integration of supports for all students. What does this look like at Thompson? The PBIS team at Thompson developed a list of behaviors that would guide students toward success while they are here and when they leave us, as well. 

    Be a Tiger that ROARS!

    Respectful to all

          Offer to Help Others

        Actively Participate

                    Responsible for our Actions

                              Strive for Excellence in All Settings


    These expectations are taught to students at the begining of the year and retaught as the year progresses. Teachers and Staff reward students for exhibiting expected behaviors by giving them Tiger Tokens. On Fridays, during the lunch periods, students are able to "buy" things from the Tiger Depot with their tokens. Teaching behavioral expecations and then reinforcing them, creates a climate where expected behaviors become the norm. 

    What happens when students don't abide by school rules and/or expectations? Previously, the primary model of school discipline was to hand down a punishment and hope that it is enough to prevent that student from exhibiting poor-choice behaviors in the future. Research shows that this is not an effective method for changing behavior and it often makes the child feel negative about the adults in his or her school. Researchers have found that modeling, re-teaching and rewarding students for expected behaviors is much more effective. Students are still responsible for their behaviors and will still have a consequence, however, there is now a focus on the teaching and re-teaching of expected behaivors. This is done through positive relationships between students and staff and using positive language and interventions to change behavior.

    What if students are taught and re-taught the expectations but still don't comply with them? PBIS is there to support ALL students. Most students will learn and exhibit the expected behaivors and those who don't will receive positive interventions to support them while they are learning to change their behaviors. We never want to make students feel bad about needing support in any area and that includes behavior. The basis of PBIS is to correct behaivors using positive language and continued support. So when students need support, there is a myriad of interventions that we will utilize. 

    If you want to learn more about PBIS please contact the main office.