• Art Club
    We welcome 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students who want to join us once a week to explore how to make our school brighter and better through art! Through both teacher-led and self-guided explorations of materials, students will develop new skills, gain confidence in, and have a blast with art!  
    AVID Club
    An exciting opportunity will be available for students at Boulder Hill beginning in September!  Students in 5th grade will have the opportunity to learn about different skills and behaviors for academic success by joining the AVID Club.  The AVID philosophy teaches students fundamental learning, study, and academic behavioral skills. AVID club will be creating a positive peer group for students. Students will be hearing guest speakers that have gone through the program, work in higher education, and research higher education of their choice! 
    Culture Club
    Students participating in the Culture Club will learn to appreciate and understand various cultures and traditions from around the world. They will also develop an open mind to better understand and respect differences among people globally.
    Girl's Club
    A group of dedicated students who have a commitment to spread kindness, promote positive relationships, and have a positive self-image.  Will begin early spring.
    Homework Club
    Homework Club is an after school program that provides a quiet, structured environment for your child to do his/her homework. The main goal of Homework Club is to instill good work habits, organizational skills, and a sense of accomplishment in every student. Homework Club takes place Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. 
    Intramurals (Before School Sports)
    Intramurals are available to all 4th and 5th grade students. We provide recreational sports/activities that promote lifetime physical fitness. During each quarter of the school year, we will focus on one or two different sports. Our goal is to focus on the basic skills/rules of the game, strategies of the game, teamwork, self-confidence, and leadership skills.
    Journalism Club
    We are a place where students can take their writing as far as they can! Students create stories, power points, articles, and more using technology and the creativity of their imagination. We also are responsible for putting together a yearbook for the students at Boulder Hill. 
    Tech Club
    Tech Club will be meeting after the winter break to give students an opportunity to engage in learning through various technological devices. They will learn what resources are available to them, and how to utilize technology to perform various tasks in their lives.
    Student Council
    We are looking forward to another great year of Student Council here at Boulder Hill! Each year, 2-3 representatives are selected from each 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classroom. Senators have to complete an application to let Mrs. Osuch and Ms. Garrabrant know who is interested.   Teachers then recommend students who show good character for being responsible for good school attendance, doing homework on time, being respectful, and being a good role model. Senators must have also been recommended from their previous year’s teacher if they attended Boulder Hill. Senators attend meetings twice a month at 7:45 before school to plan for the year. They also sometimes work during lunches for fundraisers, after school, night time activities at school, and occasionally on a Saturday.
    As student leaders of Boulder Hill, one of their jobs is to create a united school community. One way this is accomplished is through spirit days.
    During a Council meeting, the students will brainstorm and vote on themes for these days, which occur on the first Friday of each month. Another way the Council promotes a positive school environment is through the “Problem Pepperoni.” They wanted to have a way to help classmates solve their problems so they worked with the Social Worker to devise a method for students to solve minor problems. One way we show the pillar of citizenship is through community service. Last year, on our school’s Caps for Kids day, students could pay one dollar to wear a hat to school. After finishing our fundraisers, we decide as a group which organizations really need our help. In the last 6 years, the Council has donated all the money they have made to the following groups:
    • St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer Hospital
    • The Tsunami Relief Fund
    • Hurricane Katrina
    • Toys for Tots
    • Hesed House
    • Donating money to help need Boulder Hill families at Christmas
    • Feed My Starving Children
    • Caps for Kids
    These are just a few of the exciting things that the Student Council participates in to make Boulder Hill a better place!