• Welcome to the SD 308 Budget Reduction Suggestion Page!


    Thank you for taking time to join us in generating ideas and suggestions to assist our efforts in mitigating our deficit and to ensure future financial stability for our district. 


    Some of the steps we have taken already include:

    2016-17 Reductions/Revenues

    • District Level Departmental Budget Reductions
    • Reduction of DAC Administrator Staff
    • Building and District Administrative Salary Freeze
    • Reduced Workers Compensation and Property Insurance Premiums
    • Reduced Health Insurance Cost
    • Custodial Restructuring through Attrition
    • Reduced Contractual Services

    2017-18 Reductions/Revenues

    • Eliminated Seven Administrative Positions
    • Eliminated District Level Support Staff Positions
    • 2nd Year of Administrative Salary Freezes
    • Student-paid Field Trips
    • Discontinued Paying for AP Exams
    • Implemented a fee policy requiring student fees to be current for participation in sports and activities
    • Energy Savings
    • Delayed Curriculum Implementation

    2018-19 Reductions/Revenues

    • Increased student fees related to: athletics, activities, clubs, drivers education, student parking and registration
    • Eliminated Transportation for Summer School
    • Restructured our Gifted Education Model
    • Increased our Class Size Guidelines
    • Increased Facility Rental Fees
    • Reduced Building Budgets
    • Limited Professional Development and Curriculum Work
    • Savings through Contract Negotiations with OTA and OCMA


    Again, thank you for your time and your ideas, they will all be reviewed by our administrative team and Board of Education.


    This page will close on December 31, 2018.