• Final Exams will be on Tuesday, May 28thWednesday, May 29th, and Thursday, December 30th.  There will be no classes on Friday, May 31st at the high schools.

    On testing days, if your student prefers to miss his/her lunch/study hall period, you do not need to call.  He/she will be marked absent-excused.  Students who choose to attend their lunch/study hall period will be marked present and should report to the cafeteria for the entire testing period.  

    Busing will be provided in the morning at the same time as a regular school day and immediately following the final exam each day.  Students who choose to start late or leave early in lieu of attending lunch/study hall will need to have their own transportation.

    Student attendance is expected for all other classes including Academic Support Period (ASP), Resource Study Hall, and both periods of a blocked class.  Any student who will miss another class besides the lunch/study hall period will need a parent/guardian to notify us by using one of the following options:

    1. Call our attendance office voicemail at 630-636-2001; or,
    2. Email us using one of the following two email addresses

    You are welcome and encouraged to report these absences to us as soon as possible starting today.

    Tuesday, May 28th – All students in attendance: Periods 4, 3, 5
    Exam 4:                                   7:20-8:50
    Passing Period:                         8:50-9:05
    Exam 3:                                   9:05-10:35
    Passing Period:                        10:35-10:50
    Exam 5:                                  10:50-12:20

    Wednesday, May 29th – All students in attendance: Periods 6, 2, 7
    Exam 6:                                   7:20-8:50
    Passing Period:                         8:50-9:05
    Exam 2:                                   9:05-10:35
    Passing Period:                        10:35-10:50
    Exam 7:                                  10:50-12:20

    Thursday, May 30th – All students in attendance: Periods 1, 8
    Exam 1:                                   7:20-8:50
    Passing Period:                         8:50-9:05
    Exam 8:                                   9:05-10:35
    Make-Up exam periods 1-8       10:45-2:30 (Makeup exams should be scheduled with individual teachers)

    Friday, May 31st -  
    Students are NOT in attendance on Friday, May 31st (High Schools only) except for make-up exams.  Makeup exams should be scheduled with individual teachers between 7:15 am and 12:20 pm. There will be no transportation provided for make-up exams.

    If you have questions, please call us at 630-636-2000.