• Student Services Team

    School Counselors:

    Amy Shaw                              Holly Affetto                         Ashley Gilbert

    Last names A-H                       Last names I-Me                   Last names Mi-Z

    ashaw@sd308.org                   haffetto@sd308.org              agilbert@sd308.org

    630-636-2614                           630-636-2627                       630-636-2615                     

    • Academic/Organizational Concerns
    • Family Issues
    • Scheduling
    • New Student Orientation
    • Junior High Transitions
    • Discussing Needs of your Child
    • Peer Issues
    • Links to Community Resources

    Visit our website at: https://sites.google.com/sd308.org/thcounselors/home 


    School Social Workers:

    Cassie Jackson                                Chelsea Bailey

    Last names A-L, STARS                    Last names M-Z, SPED Resource

    cjackson@sd308.org                         cbailey@sd308.org

    630-636-2620                                    630-636-2624

    • IEP Student Concerns
    • Links to Community Resources
    • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Concerns


    School Psychologist:

    Dr. Judy Wilson

    All Students



    • IEP Student Concerns
    • Interpreting Outside Evaluations
    • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Concerns
    • Links to Community Resources