• School District 308 Work Based Learning Program 

    Mission Statement: Empowering individuals to become independent and productive members of their community through work-based learning.

    What is work-based learning  

    Supervised vocational program  sponsored by the district that connects classroom instruction to an authentic community based worksite.The goal of the program is to empower the student by establishing and nurturing a foundation of job skills that will allow the student to participate in the competitive full-time job market after graduating from high school and also become a successful, functioning and contributing member of society.  

    Who benefits?


    • Identify interests and strengths
    • Develop soft and hard skills of the workplace
    • Develop and learn marketable job skills
    • Gain valuable work experience
    • Engage in career exploration


    • Assist in actively preparing students to be tomorrow’s workforce
    • Employ students who are receiving vocational  instruction regarding job-related skills in the classroom
    • Give back to the community
    • Establish relationships with students, their family, the school and the community at large.   


    • Enriched vocational programming
    • Motivated students
    • Collaborative opportunities
    • Equip students to meet the needs of local businesses


    • Recognizing the shared responsibilities for a successful work experience.
    • Developing and strengthening community partnerships.
    • Work based learning experiences impact leadership and engage people in their communities.

    Research has shown that work-based learning promotes problem-solving abilities, adult thinking processes, team work and social relationships. (Devlin, 2011)


    Questions? - Contact Us:

    Betty Augustine - OHS Vocational Coordinator - STEP Program Coordinator eaugustine@sd308.org

    Sharon Bergfeld - OEHS - Vocational/Transitional Specialist - STEP Progam Coordinator - sbergfeld@sd308.org


Last Modified on June 24, 2021