Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Spolum

I had wanted to become an educator from a very early age. I have always enjoyed helping others and learning as many new things as I could. Since my first ever history class, I knew that was what I really wanted to teach. I had so many amazing teachers during my time as a student. They were all so encoraging and supportive. They inspired me so much! I wanted to be the same source on encoragment for my own students someday. I set off to become a teacher by attended North Central College to earn my degree in social studies and secondary education. From there, I went on the earn an endorsement in special education. I began my teaching career at Oswego High School in 2016. I have taught almost every social studies subject available to students and have loved them all! Oswego High School has been a wonderful home for me and has provided me with many opportunities to grow as an educator and do what I love. I hope to make the best impact on my students that I can and cheer them on as they work towards their goals.