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  • What is the PSAT and the SAT?

    The Practice SAT (PSAT) and the SAT are both standardized exams used primarily for college admission and scholarship determination.  The PSAT is given during grades 8, 9, and 10 with the PSAT 10 starting to open opportunities for scholarships.  The SAT is given during Junior year and is composed of questions from all content areas. The PSAT also provides indicator scores to the SAT and students who begin practicing for the SAT during their freshman year can show significant growth by the time they are Juniors.  More information about the PSAT and SAT can be found at

  • Why is the SAT Important to EVERYONE in SD308?

    1. SAT is used by colleges for admission

    2. Minimum SAT Scores ensure students do not need to take high school classes in college

    3. SAT scores are used for scholarships

    4. Our school ratings are effected by student performance on the PSAT and SAT

    5. Home values are affected by school district performance

    6. SAT can help prepare students for Trade School and Military Exams

  • What Resources are Available on this Site and at OHS

    1. Info About Testing Dates

    2. Free Test Prep Resources

    3. SAT Practice Question of the Month

    4. Contact Info

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