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                                            Pass It Up

    Pass It On is a new way to send a shout out or thank you to any SD 308 staff member.
    Every day there are staff members doing great things for students, co-workers, parents,
    and our community, let’s start recognizing these acts of kindness, big or small!

    With the Pass It On system, you can take a few seconds to submit a note of recognition
    to someone in your SD 308 family.  These notes will be printed on a note card and
    delivered twice a month to the main office at the building the recipient works in.
    Notes can be signed from an individual, team, or left anonymous.

    Kindness is contagious, so we encourage you to Pass It On!

    To send a Pass It On click on this link.

    Pass It On Note Card Example:

    Pass It On Note Card