• I would like to welcome all our families to the current school year.  Our entire staff is very excited we have the opportunity to work with our terrific student group and maintain our positive learning environment here at Thompson.  We will continue to tweak and improve on our newer initiatives put in place last year.  Our plan this year is to also incorporate some additional research-based teaching techniques and strategies to benefit your child's overall day-to-day learning experience.

     I feel it is important to communicate with parents our essential Thompson Mission and our core beliefs:

     Our mission is to develop students' love for learning while igniting creativity, compassion for self and others, and the courage needed to act on their beliefs.

    • A high achieving school constructs a collaborative culture which generates a positive climate.

    • Each child deserves a safe and supportive environment in which to learn.

    • Meaningful relationships are fundamental to student success

    • Decision making is data-driven and student-centered.

    • A quality educational experience consists of a three-pronged approach:  Students, staff and family


    Please reach out anytime to set up an appointment to discuss your child's progress or just stop in to say hello!


    All my best, 

    Principal DeFeo