Harrassment Reporting in SD 308

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  • Complaints or reports alleging sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, or gender discrimination, including sexual orientation or gender identity, involving an SD 308 student, employee, or person affiliated with SD 308 should be immediately reported to the Title IX Coordinator at harrassmentreporting@sd308.org.

    Complaints or reports may be made anonymously, but no disciplinary action will be taken against an alleged aggressor solely on the basis of an anonymous report.

    The Title IX Coordinator for Oswego Community Unit School District 308 is Valerie Patterson (630) 608-5027.

  • Title IX is a federal law that prohibits gender based discrimination. Oswego Community Unit School Distrit 308 also has specific policy that prohibits gender based discrimination. Title IX protections apply to staff and students in our SD 308 community. Regulations issued by the federal government detail what qualifies as harassment or discrimination and how schools must respond. Gender based discrimination behaviors could include sexual misconduct, dating abuse or violence, and gender identity harassment.