• 2016-17


    Hello Homestead Husky Families!


    Welcome to all our Husky students and their families and a special welcome to all new Huskies. Thank you for partnering with Homestead for your child’s school education. What do we hope for all students? That they are always growing! Together, we can help each student grow toward our vision for them:


    HOMESTEAD students are

    independent problem solvers

    who think critically and creatively to

    continually GROW

    their academic, social, and emotional skills


    Our school theme this year is “Learn. Change. Grow.” It is all about how each student (and adults, too) can continue to grow in positive ways academically, socially, and emotionally. In this complex and ever-changing world, it is more important than ever. It is easy to say, much harder to do. It takes WORK, a willingness to accept feedback (and encouragement), and perseverance to keep trying.


    This year your student will hear and see this phrase:


    At Homestead, we don’t do easy.

    We learn through hard work and effort!


    We hope that your student will hear this from you, too. Let’s face it—getting anything the easy way may be preferred, but it is unrealistic as a life plan. We know growth in any skill comes from effort and research continues to support that those who can make effort a habit early on (elementary school!) are likely to experience more success throughout their life—they learn that they can always improve with effort.


    We must teach our students “that strength doesn’t come from what you CAN do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t (Rikki Rogers).” 


    Together let’s celebrate effort and improvement! Looking forward to an amazing year growing with the best students, best families, and best staff!


    Mrs. Renier

    Head Grower!