Music Department

  • Since 2012, the Murphy Jr. High Music Department has worked to develop students into citizens who have a true awareness and understanding of music as an art form. Students experience music through performance, listening exercises, exploring connections in other disciplines, and more. It is our hope that students leave our program with an appreciation of music and the arts that lasts a lifetime. Students at Murphy have been accepted to ILMEA District Festivals for band, choir, and jazz, as well as the All-Illinois Junior Band. The Murphy 8th Grade Symphonic Band was also honored to perform at the ILMEA All-State Conference in 2022.

    Band and choir are available for any student who is interested in learning more about music in grades 6-8. Each grade level has its own ensemble (6th Grade Band, 6th Grade Choir, 7th Grade Band, etc.) that meets during the school day as a part of the regular class schedule. Additionally, students who are in 7th or 8th grade band can participate in the extra-curricular Jazz Band. 

    If you would like more information about the band program, please view our website. For specific questions, please contact Julianna Karvelius, band director at

    If you would like more information about the choir program, please contact Patrick McGehee at


How to Join

  • Interested in joining Band and Choir at Murphy Jr. High? We post information during the 2nd semester of each school year. Ms. Karvelius and Mr. McGehee also try to visit all of the 4th & 5th graders who are coming to Murphy throughout November - January.

    Please note that there is no experience necessary to be in band and choir at the junior high level.

    If you are a 7th or 8th grade student who is interested in joining band and choir, please reach out to the junior high band or choir director individually to see how you can join us!

    SCROLL DOWN for the most current information on how to sign-up!

Sign-up Information

  • Remember, you can be in both band and choir! We have a lot of students who do both!

    2023 Sign-up Information

    Step 1

    To start your band and choir journey, go to the following link: (case sensitive)

    If you are only signing up for choir, you are done! If you are signing up for band, please continue to Step 2.

    Step 2

    For students interested in signing up for band, you must meet with Ms. Karvelius to choose your instrument! This year, our band appointments to try-out different instruments are on Tuesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 23 from 4:00 - 8:00 P.M. You can sign-up for your 15 minute appointment by going to the link: sensitive).

    You'll get to play any instrument that you are interested in and also get information about how to rent your very own instrument! 

    If you are unable to make the dates for the band appointments, do not worry! Please contact Ms. Karvelius at to find a different time to meet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can students sign-up for both band and choir?

    Yes, students can be in both classes! We always have a number of students who are in both.

    Are band and choir during the school day or after school?

    Yes, band and choir are during the school day. Students have band and choir as a part of their daily schedule of 9 class periods. 

    $$$ What if you have some financial concerns about being in band or choir? (Examples: need help renting an instrument, worried about extra activities)

    No worries! Please contact Ms. Karvelius about using a school owned instrument or requesting scholarship information! ANYONE INTERESTED IN BAND CAN PARTICIPATE. We have instruments you can use!!!

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