Principal's Message

  • Welcome back, Mavericks!  Welcome NEW Mavericks! We're looking forward to a GREAT year together!

    We hope that your summer was restful, yet adventurous, and you are ready to come back for a successful, supportive, and fresh new year.  

    I feel extremely privileged to continue to be part of the Maverick family here at Murphy Junior High School.  Since starting here in 2014, it has been an honor to work with the staff, students and families of our Murphy community.  We take pride in supporting each other and providing a place where all students can learn and grow.  Together, we are a team...we are a family...we are the Mavericks.

    This year, our theme revolves around Top Gun: Maverick.  Think about all the things this Top Gun team focuses on: teamwork, growth, forward movement, striving to be the best, accepting of others, being supportive and each other's "wingman", and soaring to new heights.  We've got this, Mavericks!  One of the movie quotes states, "You're where you belong.  Make us proud."  So,'re where you belong...make us proud!

    We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks on our first day back!

    Laura Bingham