• Each District 308 school is generously supported by the efforts of its parent organization. The individuals in these groups have graciously volunteered countless hours of time and effort to help our students thrive. From fund raising, assistance at school events, and the development of special programs to communicating with parents to keep them informed about their children’s education, the parent/school relationship is a critical and valued partnership. District 308 so strongly believes in the partnership between the school and families that it is the cornerstone of the district’s mission.


    The district encourages parents to join their children in forming a close relationship with their school.  By working together towards a common goal, everyone--especially our children--will benefit.

    At The Wheatlands, we have a P.T.O. parent group.  Check out the calendar to find out when monthly meetings are! 


    Our current board consists of:

    Kelly Schwartz - President

    Sonya Dauginsin - Vice President

    JoJo Goduto - Treasurer

    Nicole Trackman - Recording Secretary

    Michelle DeDecker and Maria Sweeney - Corresponding Secretaries


    If you have any questions about what our P.T.O. is up to, you can certainly go to their website by Clicking Here, or e-mail them at: thewheatlandspto@gmail.com You can also always get information from our Wolftracks Weekly newsletter that Mr. Gerard sends out each week!