• Prairie Point Elementary School provides a variety of special programming that provides unique character to our school. The Clubs and Activities listed below are just some of the many different opportunities that we offer. 


    After School Sports
    This program is designed for fourth and fifth grade students who would like to get involved in team sports, develop their skills, learn basic offensive and defensive strategy, in a competitive, but fun environment.

    1st Quarter - Boys & Girls Run Club 
    Activity Sponsors: Mrs. Cindy Niles & Mrs. Jen Van Dusen

    2nd Quarter - Boys Basketball and Volleyball
    Activity Sponsor: Mr. Matt Hotuyec

    2nd Quarter - Girls Volleyball, Badmintin & Kickball
    Activity Sponsor: Mrs. Darcy Tellone

    3rd Quarter - Boys Multi-Sports
    Activity Sponsor: Mrs. Cindy Niles

    3rd Quarter - Girls Volleyball, Badminton & Kickball
    Activity Sponsor: Mrs. Darcy Tellone
    4th Quarter - Girls Multi-Sports
    Activity Sponsor: Ms. Cindy Niles

    4th Quarter - Boys Kickball and Baseball
    Activity Sponsor: Mr. Matt Hotuyec

    Honor Choir 
    Club Sponsor: Mr. Clint Hafenrichter

    Club Offered: 3rd & 4th Quarter
    Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to join Honor Choir. Honor Choir meets once a week afterschool for 60 minutes during 3rd & 4th quarter. This music club is mandated by the School District. That means every Elementary School in Oswego District 308 is required to offer this club to students.  Participants learn the mechanics of good singing technique, music reading skills, part-singing in harmony, and how to perform and blend with a musical ensemble. All District Honor Choirs will participate in a Combined Choir Music Festival. The concert will be held at Oswego High School. This event is always an exciting and memorable one!  Also, choir members have the chance to keep a T-Shirt and a CD recording from the event.

    1st Grade Math Club
    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Lisa Paluch
    Club Offered: 4th Quarter
    1st graders will have the opportunity to participate in an after-school club that will provide extra support and enrichment in Math. Students will play games that support our 1st grade Math curriculum.  This club meets on various dates throughout 4th quarter.

    Safety Patrol
    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Kim Manna

    Club Offered: All Year
    All 5th grade students have the opportunity to be a member of our Safety Patrol. Each month students are assigned a Safety Patrol post where they will assist students in the hallways at arrival & dismissal. Safety Patrol is a way to provide 5th grade students with a sense of responsibility, to promote Good Character, and to be good role models to other students within the building. Safety Patrol is active all school year.

    Club Sponsors: Mrs. Cathy Anderson and Mr. Paul Magnuson

    Club Offered: 3rd & 4th Quarter
    The Yearbook Club is open to all 5th grade students. Students will advertise, plan, create and distribute Prairie Point's yearbook.  This club meets on selected days throughout 3rd & 4th quarter.

    Student Leadership
    Club Sponsors: Mrs. Dotty Mockenhaupt & Mrs. Lisa Paluch

    Club Offered: All Year
    Student Leadership is open to 4th & 5th grade students. Students will help build the Prairie Point Community and work with our neighboring partners. The students will develop and encourage school spirit and fundraise for charities and those in need.

    Weaving &  Knitting Club

    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Bev Collins
    Club Offered: 2nd Quarter
    Loom Knitting Club is open to 3rd,  4th & 5th grade students. Students will learn how to knit with the help of a knitting loom. Students will have be involved in a community service project as well.

    Drama Club

    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Katy Sommerfeld
    Club Offered: 3rd Quarter

    Drama Club is open to all 2nd grade students. Students will practice and then perform a play. 

    Sign Language Club

    Club Sponsors: Mrs. Andrea Praught and Mr. Paul Magnusion 

    Club Offered: 2nd and 4th Quarters

    Sign Language I - students learn new signs and communicate with simple sign language using games and promote teamwork in groups.

    Sign II - students learn signs and create a video promoting teamwork and self-confidence

    1st Grade Book Club 

    Club Sponsors: Mrs. Lisa Brougham and Ms. Kerry Rothman

    Club Offered: 1st Quarter

    1st Grade Book Club is open to all 1st grade students. The club will enhance and promote the love of books through read-alouds and comprehension arts & crafts activities.  

    Hands-On STEM Fun

    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Lisa Paluch

    Club Offered: 1st & 2nd Quarters

    Hands-On STEM Club is open to all 3rd grade students. Hands-On STEM Fun Club will provide students with additional STEM activities based on science, technology, engineering and math. A wide variety of challenges/projects will be done each meeting. Projects will be themed based. Students will also learn the 4 C's - Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.


    Extra Curricular Activities

    Prairie Point also offers other extra curricular activities that students may sign up for.

    Young Rembrandts - Available to students in Kindergarten - 5th grade

    Chess Scholars - Available to students in Kindergarten - 5th grade

    STEM - Let's Build It - Available to 2nd & 3rd grade students