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Southbury Clubs
Southbury Elementary School provides a variety of special programming that provides unique character to our school. The following clubs will be offered during the current school year.  For more information, please contact the staff member who will be leading the club.

There are also different after-school clubs that are offered through members of our community (i.e., Young Rembrandts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.).  As we receive these forms, we send them home with the children.  Throughout the year, please look for flyers in your child's Thursday folder for more information. 
Art Adventures
Art Club is an exciting opportunity where students learn to appreciate and explore new art materials and mediums. They also enhance their artistic skills and creativity through advanced techniques and project-building.
Contact: Mrs. Ayoung-Chee
Character Club
Character Counts Club is designed for third and fourth grade students who are leaders and role models of our six pillars of character.  Through this club, we promote responsibility, respect, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, and citizenship.  We help with various activities in our school, such as promoting special events, sharing character trait related picture books and helping to create an overall sense of great character throughout our school.  we have made a whole school character counts video for teachers and staff to use with their students as a reminder of expected behavior.  If you believe "Character Counts" and would love to help spread it throughout our school and community, this club is for you!  
Contact: Mrs. Dunn
              Mrs. Langenfeld
Chess Club
Chess Club invites any and all third, fourth, and fifth grade students who have a desire to learn about the fine mechanics of the civil game of chess. The club will be broken into groups of "novices" (those who want to learn the basics) and "experienced" (those who are ready to participate in tournaments). We will meet once a week to go over the pieces, the moves, and a variety of strategies. Once a player is ready to move on they are then invited to sign up for the tournaments. Chess Club will begin in November. Please contact Jen Adams at 
Honor Choir
Southbury’s Honor Choir is open to all 4th and 5th grade students who are interested in music and love to sing! Honor Choir will meet before school. Each year, Honor Choir performs at the Elementary Choir Festival at Oswego High School. This year, we will be performing alongside Prairie Point, Hunt Club, and Lakewood Creek Elementary Schools, as well at the Traughber Junior High choir. More information about joining Honor Choir will be sent home in mid-November, and rehearsals will begin in January.  
Contact: Mrs. Bender
Student Leadership Team
To provide students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to foster a student led climate encompassing academics, school spirit, and community.
Contact: Mr. Harris
              Mrs. Tweedy 
Technology Club
Technology is open to all fourth and fifth graders who are interested in technology.  Participants will have opportunities to use different types of technology for different purposes.  In the past, students have created book trailers, flyers, and podcasts.  This club will begin in March. 
Contact: Miss Shammas

Writer's Workshop Club
Do you have a future author in your household?  If so, then your child might be interested in Writers' Workshop Club!  Writers' Workshop Club is designed for second- and third-grade students who enjoy writing and making books.  Students will receive feedback on their writing from their peers and from the teacher and will be encouraged to try new things as authors.
Contact: Mrs. Truax

Intramurals are designed for fourth and fifth grade students who would like to be involved in team sports and develop their skills.  The following intramurals will be offered during the current school year.  For more information, please contact the staff member who will be leading the intramural.

Quarter 1:
Contact: Coach Parr
Team Handball
Contact: Mr. Harris

Quarter 2:
Flag Football
Contact: Coach Parr
Team Handball
Contact: Mr. Harris
Quarter 3:
Floor Hockey
Contact: Coach Parr
Quarter 4:
Contact: Coach Parr
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