Medications and Treatments

  • Medications and Treatments
    All medications and treatments at school need to be ordered by a physician. The school "Medication Authorization Form" has a section for the doctor to fill out and sign as well as a parental consent section that needs to be completed. Parents should bring this completed form along with medication in it's original box to the nurse's office.
    Physician orders need to be re-filed at the beginning every school year. This is also true if a student is going to be self carrying his/her inhaler or epi-pen while at school or at a school sponsored activity.
    All forms can be found under the "Forms" section on this site (here).
    Action Plans
    For food allergies, seizure disorders, diabetes, or any ongoing illness or disease...
    Please have your physician give you an updated Action Plan and turn it in to the nurse at the beginning of every school year.  Updated Action Plans are important for the care of your child while at school.