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    Chart of Health Requirements for 2020-2021

    According to the Illinois School Code, students who do not provide proof of receiving the required immunization(s) and/or exam(s) are excluded from school beginning on October 15. Students new to Illinois schools, who register midterm, are allowed 30 days following registration to comply with the health requirements.

     Annual Health History Form for Returning and New Students 
    Required for all SD 308 Students)
    The information is shared with paramedics in the case of an emergency. 
    It is important for health service personnel to be aware of children's medical needs.  

    Illinois law requires the following examinations:
    Physical Examinations
    Required for students entering PreK, K, 6th and 9th grade. The examination must have taken place within one year prior to the first day of school. 
    Dental Examinations
    Required for students entering K, 2nd. 6th, and 9th grade. The examination must have taken place on or after Nov. 15 of the previous school year.
    Eye Examinations
    Required for students entering kindergarten and students new to Illinois. The examination must have taken place within one year prior to the first day of school.

          Objection of Parent or Legal Guardian

    Parents or guardians who object to examination(s) or immunization(s) on religious grounds are not required to submit their child or wards to either, provided they present a completed Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption form. This form must be completed in its entirety by the parent/guardian and signed by the physician, advanced practice nurse of physician assistant performing the examination. The statement must set forth the specific religious belief which conflicts with the examination(s) and / or immunization(s). Each vaccine that is objected, must be listed. The form is available on the Public Health website at www.dph.illinois.gov (then search "religious").  Religious Exemption Form
    Students Coming from OUT of state/OUT of Country

    Students have 30 days to provide proof of a physical examination completed within the last 12 months and contains all State of Illinois examination requirements, all State of Illinois vaccine requirements and proof of an eye examination which was completed within the last 12 months. Students entering the Illinois school system at the kindergarten level or higher for the first time is required to have the eye examination regardless of grade level. If a child transfers in from out-of-state, out-of-country, or from home schooling, and have never before been in the Illinois system, the eye examination would be required.

         Physical Examinations for Sports Participation
    Required annually to try out and participate for sports in grades six through twelve. The mandated DHS physical examination completed for grades six and nine will meet the sports requirement. Grades 7,8, 10,11, and 12 require a new sports physical examination. These forms are submitted to the Athletic Department/Coach at your student’s school.  The school nurse does not collect sports physicals.  Sports Physical


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