Hunt Club Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Arrival

    Doors #2 & #7 Open at 8:45am

    Bus Riders

    Students arriving on a bus will be dropped off in the front of the school. Students should remain seated on the bus until staff supervision arrives and the driver allows students to exit the bus. They will then enter through door #2 and door #16 at 8:45am.

    *Car Riders

    Students arriving in a car will be dropped off in the back of the school.  Students will enter door #7 beginning at 8:45am and door #10 from 8:45am-8:59am. Staff members will be on duty starting at 8:45am to guide students into the school.  There is no supervision before 8:45am, and students are to remain in cars until supervision starts.  Students must exit vehicles on the passenger/curb side.


    Students arriving at school by foot or bicycle are to cross Hunt Club Drive at McLaren Drive under the supervision of a trained crossing guard.  Once a student has reached school property, they must walk bicycles on school property and will need to secure their bikes to the bike racks in front of the school.  All walkers and bike riders will enter the school at door #5 between 8:45am-8:59am.  There is no crossing guard or staff supervision before 8:40am. Please plan your arrival accordingly.  Please refrain from bringing any pets onto school property while walking to drop off your children to the walker door.  This is a district policy to ensure the safety of all of our students.

    Tardy Bell

    9:00am – If you arrive on or after 9:00am, student and parent must enter door #1 to log-in.


    Doors #5, #10 & #16 at 3:50pm

    Bus Riders

    Students riding the bus home will load buses in the front of the school exiting door #16.

    *Car Riders

    Parents should drive slowly along the curb in the back of the school and pull forward whenever possible towards door #7.  Drivers are asked to place a sign in the front passenger window with the last names of the students in your carpool.  (We are happy to provide card-stock for your use.)  Parents who park and walk to the area will receive their children after all the cars have been loaded.  Students will need to enter the cars on the passenger side/curb.  In addition, during student dismissals, please refrain from bringing any pets onto school property while walking to pick your children up from the walker door. This is a district policy to ensure the safety of all of our students.


    Students walking home or riding bicycles will exit through door #5, and follow the sidewalk towards Hunt Club Drive and McLaren Drive, where a trained crossing guard will be stationed.  Bike riders must walk their bicycles off school property.

    Transportation Changes

    If your child will be transported home a different way, please send them to school with a hand written note indicating how they will get home.  Include their first and last name, teacher’s name, and the date.  If there is a last-minute change in transportation, please call the main office at 630-636-2800 no later than 2:30pm to inform the school of this change.  Or, you may e-mail the office regarding a change in transportation at  (It is important to note that last-minute changes must only be reported to the front office and they will then communicate this information to the classroom teacher or substitute for that particular day.)