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    Click the button to report a student or staff member who is exposed or positive for COVID-19. Call the attendance line to report a sick student (who is not positive/exposed). Reports made after hours will be addressed the following business day. If you are reporting a positive case or exposure, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND SCHOOL/WORK until you have heard from a nurse and received direction.

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  • January 14, 2022

    Greetings SD 308 Families,

    The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) provided revised guidance to all schools that aligns with the CDC’s recommendations for potentially shorter isolation/quarantine procedures for staff and students. We received the updated guidance late Wednesday and have been planning and implementing the necessary changes. 

    Beginning on Tuesday, January 18, students may return after a five day isolation or quarantine period following a COVID-19 infection or exposure, if certain conditions are met. Upon return, there are several restrictions schools must put in place until the tenth day has passed, those are outlined in the summary of changes below. Parents retain the option to continue the isolation/quarantine until day 10 if they do not wish to have their student return with the necessary restrictions. 

    For students who are currently on an isolation/exclusion and may be eligible for an earlier return date due to these new recommendations, parents will be contacted by a member of our health services team no later than Monday. 

    Our district safety plan is under revision at this time; all updates will be reflected online prior to the start of school on Tuesday, Jan. 18. 

    The district continues to offer free COVID-19 testing at the Old Traughber location (AHM), the schedule can be found here. Testing is open to all staff and students and their families. District testing is a laboratory test, results are typically available in 2-3 days, depending on volume. Testing is encouraged after traveling, gathering in crowded areas, or after a potential exposure to COVID-19.

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we move forward with these revisions. 


    Summary of COVID-19 Isolation/Quarantine Revisions for Students

    →   Symptomatic 

    Regardless of Vaccination Status

    If experiencing one or more symptoms of COVID-19 do NOT attend school until:

    1. Fever free and absent of vomiting and diarrhea for at least 24 hours, and
    2. Receive a negative COVID-19 test result* OR remain quarantined for at least five days.
      • *Home tests are not acceptable, however a test from any lab location (antigen or PCR) is fine.

    →   Positive for COVID-19

    In order to return to school, the following must be true (regardless of vaccination status):

    1. Symptoms have improved,
    2. No fever, vomiting, or diarrhea present within the past 24 hours,
    3. Return after 5 days of isolation, a mask must be worn at all times while with others,
      • When a mask is removed for a short time while eating/drinking, at least 6 feet must be retained between individuals during days 6-10 following infection.
    4. If masking is not possible at all times, 10 days of exclusion is required.

       Exposed to COVID-19/ Close Contact

    1. Valid only if no symptoms developed (if symptoms develop, follow symptomatic guidance),
    2. Return after 5 days of quarantine if a mask can be worn at all times while with others,
      • When a mask is removed for a short time while eating/drinking, at least 6 feet must be retained between individuals.
    3.  If masking is not possible at all times, 10 days of exclusion is required.

    →  Those students that are up to date with vaccination (within indicated timeframe: CDC Immunization Guidance) OR have had a laboratory confirmed positive COVID-19 test in the past 90 days do not need to quarantine following close contact as long as they are not symptomatic.


    →  Test To Stay Strategy: Alternative to quarantine following an exposure

    1. Only applicable for exposures that occur in the school or bus setting.
    2. Test twice (once between days 2-3, and once between days 5-7 following exposure) and continue attending school.
    3. Testing must be done through the district-offered testing program. 
    4. If eligible, coordination of testing/results should be handled with the building nurse. 


    →  Returning to School: Day 6-10 Following Isolation/Exclusion

    1. Upon return after 5 days of isolation/quarantine, students are required to wear a mask, and when removed briefly for eating/drinking, they must remain at least 6 feet away from others. While students can attend school on days 6-10, some restrictions exist. 
      • Mealtimes and snack times will be different; this could be a more socially distanced table, individual desks, or different room/space for all students who are returning following a quarantine or isolation in order to accommodate the space requirement.
      • Masks are required outdoors when students are in groups, which includes recess at elementary.
      • Students participating in band who require use of their mouth to play an instrument can participate in class but will not be permitted to actively play.
      • Students participating in extracurricular activities can only participate if a mask can be worn properly at all times
      • Since strict masking requirements are a condition of return early from isolation/quarantine, students with a face mask exemption are not eligible to return early and must complete the full 10 day isolation/exclusion. 

    →  When exposed, ALL persons regardless of vaccination status should be tested five days after the exposure (unless a confirmed COVID-19 infection occurred in the past 90 days). 


    The full documents and updated guidance provided to schools by the Illinois State Board of Education are linked below: