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03-21-22 Board of Education Meeting Summary

Oswego Community Unit School District 308 Board of Education Meeting
Monday, March 21, 2022
Oswego East High School Community Room

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4.1 Recognitions

March PRIDE Winners

  • Kelly Hoke - Teacher Grade 2 at Prairie Point

  • Cynthia Niles - Teacher Grade 4 at Prairie Point

  • Laura Steele-Fritsch - Teacher Industrial Education at Murphy JHS

  • Paisley Suarez - Teacher English Learner at OEHS

  • Dave Jeffers - Building Engineer at Brokaw ELC

  • Jill Tatum - SpEd Teaching Assistant at Transition Center


       Oswego High School Girls Bowling Team for their accomplishment of placing 3rd at the IHSA State Bowling Competition on February 19th.

  • Lani Breedlove, Junior. Lani also placed 4th overall as an Individual and achieved All State Recognition;

  • Evelyn James, Senior;

  • Hailey Jourdan, Sophomore;

  • Amber Lymenstull, Sophomore;

  • Rhiannon Reynolds, Freshman;

  • Katelyn Watson, Junior;

  • Madi Watson, Sophomore;

  • Coached by: Mr. Dan Okoren; 

  • Assistant Coaches: Brittany Breedlove and Mike Resner

5.1 Public Comment 


6.1 Board Member Comments

President Simelton participated in Read Across America, reading to students in a few different classes at Churchill Elementary School. 

SD 308's 2338 Gear It Forward robotics team competed this past weekend and won a place at the upcoming World Competition.  In addition to finishing 4th in the robot games (and setting a 2022 season record) they won the most prestigious award in all of FIRST Robotics, The Chairman's Award.  This award is given to the team that most exemplifies the principles of outreach, equity, and inclusion and teams who win this award are automatically awarded a spot to compete at World Competition in Houston, Texas, being held April 20-23.  Our district team includes students from Oswego High School, Oswego East High School, and 8th grade students from Plank and Traughber Junior High Schools. Congratulations to this amazing team and their coaches! And best of luck next month at the World Competition!

Congratulations to the Oswego Wildcats for their wins at the Special Olympics State Basketball Competition!  The athletes played amazing and most importantly had a lot of fun! The Wildcats Silver team received a Silver Medal, the Wildcats JR team received a Bronze Medal, and Skills Athlete Andrew Sieh received a Silver Medal. SD 308 is so proud of all of these students' hard work, commitment and teamwork!

Mr. Cirone attended the Muslim Student Association dinner and program on Social Justice, he found it very informative. Students prepared materials to share, and a guest speaker presented. 

6.2 Board Committee Reports

Policy and Legislation Committee: Reviewed Students Rights and Responsibilities for 22/23 school year, a presentation on bus safety and discipline, presentation on behavioral intervention and special education updates, summarized administrative changes in student handbook with committee feedback, change in policy updates/discussion, review of reciprocal reporting with law enforcement. 

Teaching and Learning Committee: Recommendation/discussion on new curriculum proposed for math and social studies. Social studies curriculum includes a focus on student choice, and rubrics that are student-friendly. Social studies curriculum was last purchased in 2009.  Math aligns with the SD308 math framework, the curriculum integrates with Google Classroom, allows access without internet on chromebook.

6.3 Superintendent's Report

Review of the past two years- time to renew, and work together as we move forward. Envision 308 Strategic Plan Finance Quadrant 

Review of financial journey between 2016 and now, the need to cut and reduce, now back on track. This year projecting a balanced budget moving forward in addition to reserve contributions. We’ve put the district on a path towards being financially secure in the future.

6.4 Student Ambassador Reports

Second student survey data was discussed. Data showed the percentages of respondents who understood what sexual harassment was, how to report it, where to find information, and outcomes of reporting. It showed a need to close the gap between instruction about sexual harassment and how/where to actually report it in their school. Perception: overall sentiment between students that there is lack of follow through or things are worse for the victim when reported. Admin acknowledges that students may not be aware of the policy related to the handling of these cases; however while students may not be aware of the investigation/outcome of a report, the perception that it’s not followed through could be prohibiting a potential victim from coming forward. Students should feel protection in reporting. Transparency is key moving forward which motivates students to report, knowing its taken seriously, and creates safe learning environment, absent of sexual harrassment. Working together with students and administrators towards change.

7.1 Updates on Envision 308

District administrators from multiple areas shared updates on the progress on the strategic plan Envision 308. Updates for March 2022 were shared, it included also what success looks like in 2026, five years from the plans adoption.
View the Presentation

Measurement of Success: Administrative Recommendation to “making progress” on the annual report posted on the dashboard. 


9.1 Financial Statements

9.2 Safety Plan Update

      Board Memo

9.3 Streamline the Board of Education Email Process

      View the Presentation

The Board discussed the idea of the Board President having content, including links to administrative resources and where to direct questions, that could be used in reply to community members emails. Additionally, the development of a question box that would be a simple way for community members to send questions to the board when they don’t know how/where to gain answers. The board could view the content of the questions/replies, with common themes developed into FAQs or content for parent communications. 

The Communications Director will create a list of links and resources the Board members will have at their disposal, that they may choose to include in their community member emails and/or signature lines. Additionally, the Ask a Question box for the Board will be added to the BOE page of the website for community submissions.


9.4 Intergovernmental Agreement with Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES)

The Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES) is to ensure that Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and services provided to regional youth through an integrated delivery system that makes effective and efficient use of public schools, area career and technical centers, regional education centers, postsecondary institutions, and the employment sector.

      VALEES Information

9.5 Board Policies First Read: Section 4: Operational Services (4:60, 4:65) Section 6: Instruction (6:310) Section 7: Students (7:30) Section 8: Community Relations (8:65)


10.1 Approval of Bills for Payment
Motion Passed 6-0

10.2 Approval of Bus Lease Agreement 

Motion Passed 6-0

Director of Transportation, Michael DeArmond, recommended to approve a lease of seventeen (17) vehicles for a five-year term subject to the school district attorney’s approval. 

In July 2017, seventeen vehicles, five (5) 77-passenger, one (1) 30-passenger vehicle, eight (8) 24+3-passenger wheelchair vehicles, and three (3) 21+1 wheelchair vehicles were approved for a five-year term from Midwest Transit and Santander Leasing with an annual payment of $206,823.00 scheduled to terminate on June 30, 2022.  Interest rate: 3.25%

The acquisition of new vehicles represents an even exchange of the same vehicles as defined below:

Five (5) 77-passenger IC-Gas; One (1) 30-pasenger IC with integrated seating-Gas; 

Eight (8) 24+3-passenger conventional lift buses with integrated seating-Gas; Three (3) 

21+1-passenger Collins lift buses with integrated seating.

Midwest Transit Equipment, Inc. has submitted a lease offer with a total yearly lease payment of $307,549.00 due upon delivery with four additional annual payments of the same.  Interest rate: 3.45%  These vehicles continue to support SD308’s long term goals of increasing student safety through integrated car seats for early childhood students, dual stop arm systems, digital 247 hybrid four camera video and audio surveillance systems, Synovia GPS solutions and fees, decreased vehicle emissions, enhanced LED lighting, and an extended five-year warranty and towing program.  All IC CE vehicles will be equipped with an International 8.8 Liter, gas engine, 265 HP @ 2600 RPM, 548 lb-ft Torque @ 1800 RPM.

10.3 Approval of Boilers and Chillers Project

      Motion Passed 6-0

The chillers at OE need significant repairs, and both the chillers at OE and the boilers at OHS have been identified as being at or near their end of life.  Additionally, the cooling tower at OE needs refurbishing and was part of a larger bid that was rejected at the August 9, 2021 BOE meeting.  It was determined, to be prudent, to add the OE cooling tower refurbishment as an alternate given the intent to replace the OE chillers.  The base bid consists of replacing the OE chillers.  Alternate Bid #2 consists of the OE cooling tower refurbishing and Alternate Bid #3 consists of replacing the OHS boilers. Accept the base bid and Alternates #1 & #2 from Helm Mechanical in the amount of $2,095,000.00.  The original budget estimates for this project were: Base bid $1,000,000.00, Alt. #1 $80,386.00, Alt #2 $660,000.00

10.4 Board Policies for Second Read and Approval: 

      Motion Passed 6-0

Section 2: School Board (2:120, 2:220) Section 3: General School Administration (3:40) Section 4: Operational Services (4:175) Section 5: General Personnel (5:30, 5:125, 5:200) Section 6: Instruction (6:60, 6:135, 6:180) Section 7: Students (7:240, 7:250, 7:260, 7:290, 7:310, 7:315)

10.5 Student Disciplinary Case 2021-22-2

      Motion to expel through 2022-23 school year: Passed 6-0

10.6 Student Disciplinary Case 2021-22-3

      Motion to transfer to alternative regional safe school: Passed 6-0

10.7 Student Disciplinary Case 2021-22-4

      Motion to uphold one day out of school suspension: Motion Passed 6-0

10.8 Resolution Authorizing Dismissal and Non-Reemployment of First Year Probationary Teachers

      Motion Passed 6-0

10.9 Resolution Authorizing Dismissal and Non-Reemployment of Second Year Probationary Teachers

      Motion Passed 6-0


10.10 Resolution Authorizing Dismissal and Non-Reemployment of Probationary Part-Time Teachers and Teachers Hired under a Temporary Contract

      Motion Passed 6-0

10.11 Approval of District Administrator Contract

      Motion Passed 5-1

10.12 Approval of Personnel Report

      Motion Passed 5-1

Motion to Return to Closed Session