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04-11-22 Board of Education Meeting Summary

Oswego Community Unit School District 308 Board of Education Meeting
Monday, April 11, 2022
Oswego East High School Community Room

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4. Seating of New Board Member

4.1 Approval of New Interim Board of Education Member

4.2 New Board Member Oath of Office

The Board President Mrs. Simelton administered the Oath of Office to the newly elected member, Jared Ploger. Mr. Ploger will fill the role vacant with the departure of Dr. Marino, until the next election. 

5. Public Comment

5.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

Two individuals spoke,their comments can be viewed on the video recording. 


6.1 Board Member Comments

Saturday Southwest Literary Festival in Yorkville. 56% of the awards were given to OHS and OEHS students from 12 conference participating schools.

Gear it Forward 2338- Undefeated winners of the Midwest Regional. 47 Teams from 2 countries and numerous states were in tough competition. They head to the World Competition next week in Houston. 

Amplify- student voice presentation, showed bravery and vulnerability; encourage all to review the video available on the website. 

6.2 Superintendent's Report

Two Oswego East High School students finalists in National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) Competition: Aryav Bothra and Zayd A. Khan.

Student Voice- Amplify The Coalition- cultivates and amplifies student voice- in a safe place of expression. Student lived experience reminds us that much work is left to be done. We need to listen, take action, create culture, in a safe environment. Students expressed their opinions from many lenses. SD 308 is making progress in student voice- board ambassadors, survey of students, board equity committee, professional development and curriculum adoption are reflective of student population- so content is relevant, relatable to all. 

Black Excellence Show is coming up on April 12 at OEHS, presented by the Black Student Alliance. 

6.3 Student Ambassador Reports

Dr. Podjasek and Dr. Waller met with kinetic wellness program instructors to discuss work with the Mutual Ground program. Next step will be meeting Dr. Kincaid and High School Principals to develop action plans. 

7. Presentations

7.1 Student Presentation on TALK Program and BIONIC Club

Oswego East Talk Program (Teens Activating a Language of Kindness)

Began in 2004 when OE opened. The primary mission is to help students connect with other populations, build relationships they wouldn’t otherwise encounter in a normal school environment. Spreading kindness, channel positivity, resiliency. Guest speaker is part of two full day events to help to lead students through learning in a powerful way. The event is a full day. Students shared how they were impacted- leadership, confidence, building new relationships, a place to be yourself, realize others are more like you than you think- everyone has struggles. “One act of kindness can change the world”

Oswego High School BIONIC Program (Believe It Or Not I Care)

Mission to reach out to students, a sense of belonging and support by peers who model positive and healthy behaviors. Through kindness every day holds the possibility of change. Fundraising is done by the group to benefit others in need. BIONIC creates a safe place for students, building confidence, a family of support. Programs HIKE and TALK. Primary message- you’re not alone. Break down stereotypes, based in SEL. OHS TALK training has been adopted by 7 other districts. HIKE is a program shared by high school students to 5th graders- share a message of positivity and awareness/prevention of bullying. Students shared the impact of BIONIC- mentorships, encouragement, kindness, comfort, security, learning how to be the person you can be, who you want to be. 

7.2 Human Resources Annual Report 

Updates were shared on HR progress on the strategic plan, Envision 308. Priorities include: Recruiting and retaining a high quality and diverse staff, maintaining a balanced budget each year, exploring ways to increase private and grant funding. Highlights include a program with Rush Healthcare, allowing insured staff members a full reimbursement of all out of pocket expenses for care outside the emergency room at Rush facilities- in turn, the health system provides additional funding to the district. Recommendation of progress report is “making progress”. 

8. Approve Consent Agenda

8.1 Minutes from previous Meetings

Motion passed 7-0

9. Information

9.1 Financial Statements

9.2 Student Rights and Responsibilities Section in Student Handbook

The Rights and Responsibilities Code (referred to as the “Code”) is reviewed annually. From January through March of 2022, the current school year’s Code was opened up for legal and procedural review. Suggested updates or revisions were reviewed and incorporated by: the Board of Education attorney, all building and/or district administration, the Board’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, and the district’s Parent Advisory Committee within a special meeting of the Board’s Policy and Legislative Committee held on March 14, 2022.
New content for student dress/appearance language and expectations was supported through an extensive process led by Dr. Kincaid that incorporated secondary administrative and student voice components. 

9.3 Consolidated District Plan

9.4 Board of Education Meeting Dates/Times 2022-2023

Three options were presented for board consideration:

  1. Keep Monday meetings using the existing timing between meetings

  2. Move to Wednesday meetings, using the existing timing between meetings

  3. Move to Wednesday meetings, but have meetings every three weeks

The board requested a look at the calendar of what meetings every third Monday would look like, and compare it to the existing meeting timing.

10. Action Items

10.1 Bills for Payment

Motion approved 7-0

10.2 Approval of Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Resource

Presentation shared 2.28.22

Motion approved 7-0

10.3 Approval of Junior High Math Curriculum Resource

Presentation shared 2.28.22

Motion Approved 6-1

10.4 Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement with Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES)

The Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES) is to ensure that Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and services provided to regional youth through an integrated delivery system that makes effective and efficient use of public schools, area career and technical centers, regional education centers, postsecondary institutions, and the employment sector.

          VALEES Information

Motion Approved 7-0

10.5 Board Policies Second Read and Approval: Section 6: Instruction (6:310) Section 7: Students (7:30) Section 8: Community Relations (8:65)

Motion Approved 7-0

10.6 Approval of No Trespass Order

Issue a trespass order to James Fecarotta through April 2023

Motion Approved 7-0

10.7 Approval of Personnel Report

Motion Approved 6-1

11. Adjournment

11.1 Adjourn