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05.09.22 Board of Education Meeting Summary

Oswego Community Unit School District 308 Board of Education Meeting
Monday, May 9, 2022
Oswego East High School Community Room

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4. Public Comment

4.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

Several individuals spoke, their comments can be viewed on the video recording. 


5.1 Board Member Comments

  • Ms. Doyle shared the idea of limiting cell phone use during school hours with the function in iphones for family sharing. Allow students to focus in school without cell use, but retain the ability to communicate with parents in urgent situations.

  • Mr. Ploger attended the 20 year Bednarcik celebration- well attended event. 

  • Mr. Cirone attended the retirement and recognition event, and also volunteered with the building of outdoor learning space at Brokaw- which is a student’s Eagle Scout project, with contributions from the Brokaw HSA. 

  • Ms. Johnson:  May is Mental Health Awareness Month; self-reflection to determine if use of cell phones is impacting mental health. Also attended the production of Chicago- amazing talent!  

  • Mr. Gatewood: Attended retirement and recognition event- impressed by over 700 hours of combined service! Attended Newsies production- phenomenal performance!

  • President Simelton- attended the retirement and recognition event- very grateful to those at 25 years and above- its a hard time to be in education. Retirees, we’re better because of each of you- thank you! 

  • A short culture and climate survey will be given May 16-20 to all staff. Anonymity is a top priority, which is why a third party is being used. It’s a safe place to express concerns to help inform improvement efforts. 

5.2 Superintendent’s Report

  • National School Nurses Day this week- Thank you for all they do! 

  • This is the last regular board meeting before graduation. It’s a time of reflection. On May 21, the success of over 1,500 students will be celebrated as they graduate. 

  • Entering the 2nd year of our strategic plan, a lot of work has been done this year! 

  • Meeting with union reps to discuss ideas and develop a coordinated effort to recruit and hire for the start of next school year. 

5.2 Student Ambassadors Report

  • Student advisory committee met to discuss the policy, code of conduct from example schools to help address and identify potential solutions to the primary issue of sexual harrassment identified by students on a survey. Title 9 was discussed. The threats that students ranked as top priorities are being evaluated. Committee discussed roadblocks to reporting, and how to potentially combat the root causes of the issue. 

6. Information

     6.1 Financial Statements

     6.2 Cooling Towers at The Wheatland’s Elementary and Thompson Junior High 
           School and Structural Work on Supports at Bednarcik Junior High School

This project was presented to the board in 2021 and, due to costs exceeding the estimate, the bid was rejected and the project was tabled. Circumstances are now favorable for this project to be reconsidered. The Work will include the base bid: Thompson, removal and replacement of the existing cooling tower, Alternate #1: Bednarcik, refurbishing the existing cooling tower support framing, and Alternate #2: The Wheatlands, removal and replacement of the existing cooling tower and structural support framing work.  The Thompson tower is 24 years old and was refurbished in 2009.  The Wheatlands tower is 20 years old and had the interior re-coated in 2015.  The average life expectancy of a cooling tower is 20 years. On Monday, May 2, 2022 bids were publicly opened and read aloud for the above referenced project. Seven (7) contractors elected to submit a bid.

A bid qualification and scope review has been conducted with C. Acitelli Heating and it is believed that they have adequately covered the required work scope for the base bid and the 2 alternates.

The recommendation is to accept the base bid and Alternates #1 and #2 from C. Acitelli Heating in the amount of $447,960.00.  The original budget estimate for this project was $531,000.00

     6.3 RSP 5-Year Enrollment Projections

Variables were discussed that led to changes in numbers. Downward trend anticipated to turn upward at elementary with growth over the next several years. Junior high will see decrease and stabilization, high schools will show decline over the next five years. Factors that impact numbers include birth rates, students aging out of current housing, and new building of houses attracting families. School capacity and anticipated flow of students is evaluated for consideration of space needs. This report is completed each year. 

     6.4 Resolution and Request of Kendall County Land Cash Funds

Kendall County is holding the balance of Land Cash in the amount of $24,318.29.  In order for SD 308 to receive these funds, the district must submit a request to the Regional Superintendent of Schools along with a Resolution stating the purpose for the use of the funds. 

7. Presentations

          7.1 English Learners Presentation


Presented by Director of English Learners (EL), Renee Sartore. EL department oversees curriculum and instruction for students, professional development on EL, Title III grants and budget, federal and state reporting, written translations and oral interpretations, and oversight of BPAC parent group. While overall district enrollment is decreasing, the number of students in EL is increasing. Students exit the program when reaching fluency through testing and evaluation. The population of ELL students is ever changing as new students move in, and others exit. Interruptions to learning and changes in the testing for students impacts their recent performance and length of time in the program.  70 languages are spoken in the district, Spanish is by far the largest native language of program participants. 

SD 308 provides the highest level of service to students for which they qualify. Parents, by law, can choose to accept the level of service offered, or refuse some or all services. The use of Dual Language programs achieve sustained academic success in students over time- where alternate programs may show quick success in early grades, but loss over time as compared to peers. Goals for EL include strengthening the continuum of services, including a core team with Sheltered English staff to identify strengths/needs of the program. Development of assessment that aligns with the goals of the program to more closely monitor progression. 

Strategic Plan Administrative Recommendation for EL Program:  Making Progress

8. Action Items

8.1 Approval of Bills for Payment

Motion to authorize the payment of bills in the amount of $3,828,475.59 as presented.

Motion Passed 7-0

8.2 Minutes from Previous Meeting

        Motion to approve the Minutes of the Board of Education meeting on April 25, 2022, open and closed session

        Motion Passed 7-0

8.3 Approval of 2022-23 Board of Education Meeting Dates

       Motion to approve the 2022-23 Board of Education meeting dates and times.

        Motion Passed 7-0

8.4 Approval of Superintendent Evaluation Tool

Motion to approve the Superintendent Evaluation Tool as discussed and presented.

          Motion Passed 5-2

8.5 Approval of Building Administrator Contract

         Motion to approve building contract as presented: 

  • Noelle Fahey, Prairie Point Principal

          Motion Passed 7-0

8.6 Approval of District Administrator Contracts

         Motion to approve district administrator contracts as presented:

  • Jeremy Bell, Executive Director of Student Services

  • Claudia Ruiz, Assistant Director of Human Resources

  • Erik Weider, Assistant Director of Transportation

              Motion Passed 6-1

8.7 Approval of Personnel Report

         Motion to approve the personnel report as presented

         Motion Passed 6-1

9.0 Closed Session

10. Adjournment

10.1 Adjourn