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6-6-22 BOE Meeting Summary

Oswego Community Unit School District 308 Board of Education Meeting

Monday, June 6, 2022

Oswego East High School Community Room


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  1. Call to Order - Public Session 

3.1 Roll Call

3.2 Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Recognitions

4.1 Recognition of Student Ambassadors for their Time of Service

Board of Education Vice President Mr. Gatewood read a statement of gratitude to the two students Aanya Roy and Colton Sannito for serving in the role of ambassador for the student body. A keepsake item was presented to each student on behalf of the Board.


  1. Public Comment

5.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

One comment was shared and can be viewed in the video.



6.1 Board Member Comments

  • Mrs. Johnson shared remarks regarding the honor of being at Graduation and celebrating student accomplishments. 
  • President Simelton shared about the pride and amazement of the ceremony of Graduation, presenting the class, honoring their accomplishments. 
  • Mr. Gatewood shared about the additional small graduation ceremony provided to athletes who were competing on the date of the large commencement, he was honored to participate and offer that great opportunity to those students and their families.

6.2 Board Committee Reports

Finance and Facilities: Broad topics regarding finance in the district, review of past financial decisions, opportunities in forecasting for the budget. Dr. Petzke shared additional information with members about school finance and preparations for the upcoming budget presentation.

Policy and Legislation: Covered many policies, including discussion on several topics. Some highlights include:

  • The pandemic; lessons learned and reflections. 
  • Transparency with the community regarding budget and sharing of information in a timely manner.  
  • Homework discussion- inconsistency between classes, teachers, grades, buildings, and levels, which creates difficulty for students in expectations. Difference between homework and busy work- what is really the best for students? This policy is being sent back to the Teaching and Learning Committee for continued discussion. Student ambassadors shared input on the topic and challenges of inconsistency within their classes and teachers, not only homework, but also in assessment. 


6.3 Superintendent's Report

  • A moment of silence was shared in memory of Oswego High School senior Joshua Meares. The district joins together in sending our condolences to the family and friends of Josh, and to the entire OHS community. 
  • Following the tragic school shooting event in Texas, Dr. Sparlin shared details on the training and practices in place across the district to protect the safety of our students and staff. 
  • Reminder: the deadline for students to apply to be a Student Ambassador for next year has been extended until June 29. Information can be found on the district website.


6.4 Student Ambassador Reports

  • Research on different models to address sexual harrassment in district. Student-friendly language in policy to address the issue. How students better understand the policy.
  • Colton shared his gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the board in this role as ambassador. 


  1. Presentations

7.1 Equity Presentation

Presentation Link

Within Support for Student Learning: Choice, Challenge and Success for all students. The goal of responsive and engaging instruction. Observations and training on how to bring this to classrooms was discussed. Student voice was utilized for assessing progress. The curriculum review cycle was reestablished- using a lens of equity, and striving for choice and differentiation.

Discussion on the established equity statements- what do they mean,and how they are used. 

Student survey to provide input. First Amplify event was held, the next is being planned. 

Microaggressions were added to the bullying policy.

Nearly 50 professional development opportunities were offered to staff on several topics related to Diversity and Equity.

Many efforts are underway for the recruitment and retention of a high quality and diverse staff.

Photos and a short video clip from the Amplify student event were also shared.

Student DEI Committee and Student Ambassador Committee are working with DEI Director to create paths for communication and information on topics identified as important by the student body.

Administrative Recommendation for Equity Updates: Making Progress


  1. Approve Consent Agenda

8.1 Minutes from previous Meetings


5.16.22 Public Forum

8.2 Acknowledgement of Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests

8.3 Gifts and/or Donations: FY 22 List

8.4 Illinois High School Association Membership Renewal for 2022-23 for Oswego and Oswego East High School

8.5 Board Policy References and Legal Updates; Section 3: General School Administration (3:70) Section 4: Operational Services (4:70, 4:180) Section 5: General Personnel (5:40, 5:70, 5:110, 5:140) Section 6: Instruction (6:70, 6:80)


Motion to Approve Consent Agenda Passed 6-0


  1. Information

9.1 Financial Statements


9.2 Board Policy First Reading – Section 2: School Board (2:230) Section 4: Operational Services (4:10, 4:150) Section 5: General Personnel (5:240) Section 6: Instruction (6:140) Section 7: Students (7:15, 7:215, 7:285)


9.3 Intergovernmental Agreement Between Yorkville 115 and CUSD 308 for access to Special Education Programs and Services

In July 2019, Oswego SD308 entered a three-year Intergovernmental Agreement with Yorkville Community Unit School District 115.  This agreement allowed their students to access our Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH), East View Academy (EVA), STARS, and Extended School Year (ESY) programs.

Recently, Administration met with Yorkville School District and agreed to the terms in the attached draft agreement.  The calculation method for tuition will be billed by using individual student cost sheets.  In addition, it includes a 3% administrative fee.  These changes ensure that SD308 receives full reimbursement for services offered to Yorkville students. 

This is a three-year agreement and has been reviewed by District 308’s legal counsel and will be reviewed by District 115’s legal counsel. 


9.4 Kindergarten Orientation Pilot Program


  • Current screening process is done in May, but isn’t always accurate by August- some parents are unable to bring children during dates offered.
  • Pilot includes placement of students within the first few days of interaction with students at school- “soft placement”. Together learning expectations through orientation. Should provide more equity in the screening process, more balanced classrooms, and cooperative assessment and work with teaching teams at the school. 
  • The pilot was brought forth by the teaching staff and details outlined at the schools hosting the pilot program this coming school year. After assessment of the pilot, it will be determined if the process will be more broadly used in the future, altered, or not utilized.


9.5 Prescott Mill

On May 11, Dr Sparlin, Ms. Simelton and Ms. Johnson joined representatives from the Village, the three homeowners associations of Prescott Mill and police officials to discuss the issue of student parking in the subdivision. 

When asked at the meeting about the addition of even more parking spaces, Dr. Sparlin indicated that while it would help, there will still be more students 16 years and up driving to school than parking will accommodate. Dr. Sparlin shared that since the school was built, an additional 500 parking spots have already been added to the facility.

The Board discussion included signage within the subdivision. The students parking in the subdivision are doing so legally as there are no restrictions on days/times of the public street parking. 

The Board indicated that we already greatly exceed the required number of parking spaces. The same concerns occur around schools in many neighborhoods. Bussing is provided to students by the district, driving/parking is not required. The district does and will continue to remind students about safety and parking.

9.6 Resolution for Board Elections - November Ballot

Motion to postpone the Discussion of the Resolution for Board Elections indefinitely

Motion Passed 4-2


  1. Action Items

10.1 Approval of Bills for Payment

Motion Passed 6-0


10.2 Approval of Cooling Towers at The Wheatlands Elementary and Thompson Junior High School and Structural Work on Supports at Bednarcik Junior High School

Bid Results

Motion Passed 6-0


10.3 Approval of Resolution and Request of Kendall County Land Cash Funds

Kendall County is holding our balance of Land Cash in the amount of $24,318.29.  In order for us to receive these funds, we must submit a request to the Regional Superintendent of Schools along with a Resolution stating the purpose for the use of the funds.

Motion Passed 6-0


10.4 Potential Action Arising out of Closed Session

Affirmation of Dr. Sparlin's April 21, 2022 Uniform Grievance decision

Motion Passed 6-0


10.5 Approval of District Administrator Contracts

  • Daniel R. Arntzen: Executive Director for High School Instruction and K-12 Assessment 
  • Kelly M. Collins: Special Education Coordinator
  • Atonia C. Galan: Director of Special Education
  • Brent A. Kiger: Director of Technology and Infrastructure
  • Kevin R. McDonald: Director of Information Systems and Support
  • Amanda R. Sitar: Director of Finance
  • Jeanne M. Skube: Special Education Coordinator

Motion Passed 5-1


10.6 Approval of Personnel Report

Motion Passed 5-1


  1. Adjournment