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07-11-22 Board of Education Public Forum Summary

3. Call to Order - Public Session (7:15 pm)

3.1 Roll Call

3.2 Pledge of Allegiance

4. Public Comment

4.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

Two comments were shared and can be viewed on the video recording


5.1 Board Member Comments

Mr. Ploger and Mr. Gatewood shared comments in regards to the Prescott Mills parking issue involving OEHS students, and the Village Board meeting Dr. Sparlin attended recently. 

5.2 Board Committee Reports

Finance and Facilities Committee- discussion included how to effectively communicate the complexity of school finance to the general public to make it relatable and digestible 

5.3 Superintendent's Report

Dr. Sparlin shared information about the recruiting campaign underway in an effort to help fill vacancies across the district

6. Approve Consent Agenda

6.1 Minutes from previous Meeting

6.2 Acknowledgement of Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests

Motion passed 7-0

7. Information

7.1 Financial Statements

7.2 Aramark Food Service Contract

  • Information was shared about the ongoing contracted partnership with Aramark to provide food service across all schools in the district

  • Aramark provided a notice of non-renewal to allow SD308 to enter into a one-year emergency contract.  In doing so, the district has access to additional reimbursements made available through “supply chain” funds (anticipated $340,000).  Next year, for the 2023-24 food service contract, it is expected to resume normal renewal following the CPI increase.

  • With the reimbursement adjustments available, costs will be equitable to pre-COVID prices, despite costs of procurement of food increasing 

  • Aramark Contract 2022-23 School Year

7.3 Oswego East and Oswego High School Track Project

  • Discussion was held regarding options to work on the tracks at both schools

  • The OEHS track is most in need of repair (while it remains safe to use- the usability lifetime is quickly running out). The project will be put out for bid, for both repairing the track and the larger project of removing and replacing the existing track. The costs and scope of the project will be shared when the bids are received.

  • At this time, the estimated cost of the OE portion of this project is $572,775 and the estimated cost for the OH portion is $183,018.

7.4 Comprehensive Facilities Plan

  • Building from the previous 2020 plan, the ongoing facilities plan will include priority indicator ratings to help prioritize the projects/needs. 

  • The district currently has many “mission critical” projects that are needed over the next ten years, across all schools/buildings. These essential projects include systems such as chillers and boilers and roofings.   

  • By identifying projects of greatest importance, and the lifecycle of critical systems, planned maintenance can be accomplished and with that, a more even spread of expenses over time

  • More details, costs, and timelines can be found in the Presentation.

7.5 Title I School Improvement Plans – Fox Chase, Grande Park, Hunt Club, Lakewood Creek, Long Beach, Prairie Point, Bednarcik, Plank, Thompson, Traughber

  • Because of COVID and gaps in state testing, the State continues to support these ten schools with Title I School Improvement 1003(a) grant funding each year to support improvement efforts with the identified subgroups, regardless of performance since the initial identification.

The State shared in late June that School Improvement Plans needed to be brought to the Board for approval prior to submitting the grant application (due on or before August 1). This revised state timeline requires both information and action this evening.

7.6 Intergovernmental Agreement with School Resource Officers

  • Discussion was held regarding the proposed 2-year agreement between the Oswego Police Department and the school district, including the selection and training of the officers.

  • SRO Agreement

7.7 Ambulance Service Agreement with Oswego Fire Department

  • The Oswego Fire Protection District provides service to the participants and spectators at home high school football games. Oswego Fire Protection District assists in the efforts to deliver high-quality on-site emergency medical services at home football games at Oswego High School and Oswego East High School.  The cost for this service is $54.00 per hour. The attached Ambulance Service agreement is a renewal of the one utilized in the 2021 – 2022 school year.  There are no recommended changes to the language of the agreement. The service cost will also remain the same for the 2022 – 2023 school year. 

  • OFD Agreement

7.8 Continued Discussion to Update the District Mission Statement

  • Following the Board workshop, it was felt that an update to the mission statement of the district (last updated 2015) would be relevant. The district’s Executive Leadership Team and Student Ambassadors utilized Board feedback and discussion to present options to the Board. 

  • A motion was made to table the conversation to a later date: Motion Passed 5-2

7.9 Format of Board Advisory Committees

  • The proposed structure of Board Committees to change to board members and administration as the only committee members- though meetings remain open to the public. A new Community Advisory Council would be created, including the community members seated to provide feedback, learning opportunities, and discussion on identified topics. 

  • Memo on Board Advisory Proposed Changes

7.10 COTG Lease Agreement

  • The technology department proposes to renew the current service agreement with COTG, who supports the Xerox copiers and printers throughout the district. The current five year lease ends in November 2022. This would be a new three year lease- taking ownership of 79 currently leased devices and replacing 50 highly utilized copiers within the district.

  • The yearly cost to the district of the services and lease would be $25,757 monthly, or a reduction of $45K over the life of this 3-year agreement.  Xerox will buy out the current lease and provide new Xerox equipment to replace the 50 existing highly utilized or failing units this summer.

  • Proposed COTG Agreement

7.11 Wolf's Crossing Road Improvements

  • The Village of Oswego is preparing to make road improvements along Wolf’s Crossing Road in front of Oswego East High School to reduce traffic congestion.  The proposed plan includes expanding the existing two lane roadway to four lanes as well as adding pedestrian/bicycle accommodations.

  • The additional right-of-way (ROW) improvements would require the Village to acquire 2.95 acres of district owned property along Wolf’s Crossing road.  After having the proposal reviewed by our own civil engineer, property attorney, and building administration, the impact of these improvements would have a minimal impact on the school.

  • To move forward with their planning, and acquiring funding for the project, the Village has presented the district with a letter showing that the district agrees with the proposed improvements and is willing to continue negotiations regarding the acquisition of the 2.95 acres. 

8. Action Items

8.1 Approval of Bills for Payment

Motion Passed 7-0

8.2 Approval of Title I School Improvement Plans for the following schools – Fox Chase, Grande Park, Hunt Club, Lakewood Creek, Long Beach, Prairie Point, Bednarcik, Plank, Thompson and Traughber

Motion Passed 7-0

8.3 Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement Between Yorkville 115 and CUSD 308 for access to Special Education Programs and Services

Motion Passed 5-2 

8.4 Board Policies Second Read and Approval: Section 2: School Board (2:230) Section 4: Operational Services (4:10, 4:150) Section 5: General Personnel (5:240) Section 6: Instruction (6:140) Section 7: Students (7:15, 7:215, 7:285)

Motion Passed 7-0

8.5 2021-22-6 Student Discipline

Motion Passed 7-0

8.6 Approval of Settlement Agreement

Motion Passed 7-0

8.7 Approval of Building Administrator Contracts

Erik K. Aister - Assistant Principal at Oswego East High School

Sarah R. Fisher - Assistant Principal at Prairie Point Elementary School

William Gentzler - Assistant Principal at Murphy Jr. High School

Michael Swanson- Assistant Principal at Old Post Elementary School

Motion Passed 6-1

Approval of Coordinator of Health Services Contract Administrator 

Emily R. Hanlon- Coordinator of Health Services

Motion Passed 4-3

8.8 Approval of District Administrator Contracts

Motion Passed 6-1

Dr. Kristen M. Paul- Director of Social Emotional Learning

8.9 Approval of Personnel Report

Motion Passed 6-1

9. Adjournment

9.1 Adjourn at 10:32pm