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Board of Education Public Forum: 11.07.22

Board of Education Public Forum



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1. Call to Order - 7:00 pm

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Pledge of Allegiance

2. Welcome

2.1 Welcome from President Simelton

3. Guidelines for Public Forum

3.1 Statement of Guidelines and Format of Public Forum

4. Review of Improvements for Academic Achievement

4.1 Presentation on Plans to Improve Academic Achievement

Shared by Associate Superintendent Faith Dahlquist, the presentation highlighted the components of the district’s Climate for Learning Framework. She shared information on student engagement- a primary focus for the district, having students ask questions, seek answers, represent opinions, and being part of shaping their educational experience. The Math Framework and Literacy Framework were shown. The importance of school-wide behavioral expectations, recruitment of diverse staff, the creation of a safe and inclusive learning environment, the use of data to drive learning, encouraging student choice, and voice.

5. Activity - Dialogue

5.1 Opportunity for Activity/Dialogue with Board Members and District Leaders

(3) 15 minute sessions were held to offer opportunities for community members to talk with board members and district administrators, at tables with designated topics for discussion.

6. Public Comment

6.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

No public comment

7. Final Comments from the Board

7.1 Final Comments from the Board

General Education Table-  Student support time for junior high students taking high school classes, SEL education and suicide awareness

Finance- TA shortage, attracting TAs, comparable TA pay, facilities planning, and student fees-  how that is being allocated

English Learners- Bi-lingual is a critical future skill, space/expansion for EL programs, parameters for “specials”

DEI- student present for discussion on consolidation of non-unified districts- with redirection of the funds to mental health, discussion of current bills related to schools/education, student advisory committee

Student Services- increase capacity of student voice, school community, digital platform

SPED- frameworks for math/literacy and alignment with SPED, SPED TAs- salary concerns, schedule concerns, how to better support TAs with training and expectations. Better support for general education teachers who are in classrooms and often presented with many situations, behaviors, opportunities. 

8. Adjournment

8.1 Adjourn- Motion to adjourn at 8:25pm


Board of Education Members in Attendance- 7

District Administrators in Attendance- 16

Members of the Public in Attendance- 6