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Oswego Public Library and SD308 Partnership

Monday, October 5

Oswego Public Library and SD308 Partnership

We have some very exciting news about a new partnership we have with the Oswego Public Library District! This partnership has been created to give all students in SD308 access to the digital resources available through our public library. Some of our SD308 students don't live within the boundaries of the library district, so they have not had access in the past. In addition, many of those that do reside within the library district boundaries, do not have cards, or have misplaced their cards so they no longer have access. This new partnership will give all students access to the amazing resources our public library has to offer! There are so many great databases and ebooks that students may use for research, homework, classwork and personal enjoyment.


Getting access to these resources is EASY! Just fill out the attached Google Form. After you complete it, Mrs. Campasano will contact you with access instructions and the library card number. IT’S THAT EASY! :) The library card number will be active as soon as you receive it, and will expire on June 1, 2021. Please be sure to complete the form for every child in your household who attends Murphy so that we may give each child her/his own library card number. Information on obtaining cards for elementary and high school students will come from the elementary and high school librarians. In addition to immediate access to the digital library, the first 25 students that submit a form will receive a free bookmark delivered to your mailbox and be entered to win one of five gift cards! Why? Because everyone loves gift cards!


In the upcoming weeks, Mrs. Campasano will be showing students how to access resources. Videos with further directions will be posted soon. In the meantime, please fill out the form and start exploring the wonderful resources on your own!


Access the form by clicking on the link: