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08-10-22 BOE Meeting Summary

Board of Education Meeting Summary - August 8, 2022

3. Call to Order - Public Session (7:15 pm)

3.1 Roll Call

3.2 Pledge of Allegiance

4. Public Comment

4.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

  • None

5. Presentation

5.1 Technology Presentation

  • Brent Kiger and Kevin McDonald shared information on the technology updates and future plans for this coming year. Safety in technology remains a top priority and includes filtering/auditing and monitoring. With grant funding, many technology enhancements and additional equipment were purchased and launched throughout the district. The upcoming school year will include the addition of tech hubs- students helping students, using practical knowledge and skills. As well as the implementation of a classroom management system for teachers to facilitate/interact/monitor student devices. 

6. Comments/Reports

6.1 Board Member Comments

  • Mr. Ploger volunteered with the Community Cares and Kiwanis Start Strong Event to provide many families in the district with school supplies and materials for a positive start to the school year. 

  • Ms. Johnson’s remarks included the acknowledgement of business as needed, not business as usual. Many are hurting after the loss of colleague and friend Dr. Allen; she encourages compassion at this time of hurt. Looking forward, we have an opportunity to have a really great year! 

6.2 Superintendent's Report

  • A moment of silence was held for Dr. Lindsay Allen. She has been part of our district for 18 years, serving first as a teacher at Lakewood Creek, an Assistant Principal at Old Post and Grande Park, as the Assistant Principal and later Principal of Southbury Elementary School, then most recently at the district office as the Director of Elementary Education.  The impact of her passing is substantial. We will greatly miss her sense of humor, her laugh, her smile, and her passion for our students. Our district family joins her family and friends in grieving the loss of Dr. Allen.

  • Congratulations to Oswego East High School alumni Ashton Izzi and Noah Schultz. Ashton has been selected 126th and the Seattle Mariners first pick in the 2022 Major League Baseball draft, Noah is the 26th pick in the 2022 MLB Draft, to the White Sox.

  • First Day Coming Soon! Starting off the school year, Dr. Sparlin will ride the bus for the first day, talking with students, visiting parents at the bus stop, and highlighting the excitement of the first day! 

7. Approve Consent Agenda

7.1 Minutes from previous Meetings

  • Motion passed 7-0

8. Information

8.2 Wolf's Crossing Road Improvements

  • Village Administrator, Dan DiSanto, joined by Jennifer Hughes, Director of Public Works, presented the land needs for the expansion and redesign of Wolf Road to mitigate water runoff and drainage as a result of these improvements. The proposed plan includes expanding the existing two lane roadway to four lanes as well as adding pedestrian/bicycle accommodations.

  • The conversation included the Village request for donation of the land in front of Oswego East in the spirit of intergovernmental cooperation and partnerships. The estimated land value of 2.95 acres is $75,000. 

  • Village officials addressed questions regarding the addition of stop lights and a roundabout included in the project. The construction plan includes starting after winter. The district did present an alternative to the donation to consider, with the land donation in exchange for the school district’s portion of a traffic light (roughly $160-200k) previously agreed upon and no longer needed. 

8.3 Safety Plan Update

  • Communications Director and Pandemic Response Coordinator Theresa Komitas presented the highlights of this year’s COVID-19 Safety Plan. Overall the plan includes many of the practices used at the conclusion of last school year. The district’s COVID-19 webpage will be updated and house the full plan, FAQs, the COVID-19 case reporting form, current metrics on cases by building, and resources for testing. 

  • Safety Plan

  • Summary Presentation on Safety Plan

8.4 Del Webb Pedestrian Bridge

  • The Lincoln Crossing subdivision, located at the southeast corner of Wolf’s Crossing Road and Eola Road, has received the approval for the construction of a pedestrian bridge across Eola Road and is requesting a thirty foot (30’) temporary construction easement.  In addition, upon completion, the School District will maintain, repair, or replace the portion of asphalt that is on our property.

  • The path will be an asset for the community, allowing safe and easy access to the school grounds, as well as serving as an avenue for students to walk to school from the Lincoln Crossing subdivision.

  • The Board raised concerns regarding the liability, cost, and feasibility of maintaining, repairing and/or replacing the portion of asphalt on our property. Dr. Petzke will seek answers to these questions/concerns. 

8.5 Kendall County Over Levy/Extension FY2020

  • There was an error in the district levy for FY 2020 for Kendall County (taxes paid in 2021), resulting in the collection of $2.2million excess dollars. At this time, a decision is being weighed on what the best next step is for constituents and the district. It’s important to note that while SD 308 is funded with property taxes from three counties, this error only impacted Kendall County.

  • Each year, our district submits a levy to each of our three counties: Kendall, Kane, and Will. In FY2020, the Bond & Interest Levy was supposed to be $33,756,011 (1.53%), while Kane and Will counties had this correctly calculated, Kendall county levied $36,041,340 (1.63%), for a difference of $2,285,329 or 0.10%. 

  • For our Kendall County tax payers the error equated to the following increase in annual taxes: $66 for a $200,000 home; $100 for a $300,000 home; $133 for a $400,000 home.

  • These dollars are sitting in the Bond & Levy fund; which is used to pay debt service.

  • The error is attributed to the difference between September 2019, when we prepared our tentative levy and presented it to the Board, and March 2020 when the district paid-off a bond. This pay off resulted in the levy reduction from $36,041,340 to $33,756,011. When levy confirmations were sent out late March and early April 2021, the Kendall County Tax Computation Report did not reflect this change. 

  • It is Dr. Petzke’s recommendation that the district Levy the full Bond & Interest amount for FY22, but request that the County actually collect $2.2 million dollars less to make up for the difference.

8.6 Resolution to Transfer Money from Working Cash to Capital Projects

  • To Use the Debt Service Extension Bond dollars, we need to have the Board of Education approve a fund transfer from the Working Cash Fund to the appropriate capital project accounts. 

  • At the August 22, 2022 meeting we will ask the Board to approve the resolution to transfer DSEB funds from the Working Cash Fund to the Capital Projects Fund.

  • Capital Projects - $5,031,570

    • $2,238,610 for OHS Roof

    • $2,095,000 OE & OH Boiler/Chillers

    • $447,960 BE, TH, TW Cooling Towers

    • $100,000 School Security Cameras

    • $150,000 OE and OH Mobile Radio Refresh

8.7 Resolution to Transfer Money from Working Cash to Capital Projects for Technology

  • Use the Debt Service Extension Bond dollars, we need to have the Board of Education approve a fund transfer from the Working Cash Fund to the appropriate capital project accounts. 

  • At the August 22, 2022 meeting we will ask the Board to approve the resolution to transfer DSEB funds from the Working Cash Fund to the Capital Projects for Technology Fund.

  • Technology Project

    • $158,000 for Server Refresh Data Center

8.8 Discussion of District Cell Phone Policy

  • Discussion began with a desire for a stricter policy at the high school, like at the junior high level for use of cell phones in the classroom. Concerns to these changes include preparing students for the “real world” in high school- which includes the use of technology. Phones are sometimes used for applications and a back-up to the student device. There is a desire to hear from students and staff members further on the topic.

8.9 Discussion to Update the District Mission Statement

  • Tabled for a later date

9. Closed Session

9.1 Enter Closed Session under statute(s): 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1) The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of certain employees and individuals; 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(2) Collective negotiating matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees; 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(6) The setting of a price for sale or lease of property owned by the public body.

9.2 Return to Open Session

10. Action Items

10.1 Approval of Bills for Payment

  • Motion to authorize the payment of bills in the amount of eleven million, four hundred fifteen thousand, nine hundred thirty dollars and sixty-one cents ($11,415,930.61) as presented.

  • Motion Passed 7-0

10.2 Approval of COTG Lease Agreement

  • If approved, the yearly cost to the district of the services and lease would be $24,295.85 per month which has decreased by $1,461.44 when last presented to BOE on 7/11/2022.

  • We have been pleased with the service level provided by COTG and in the overall performance of the Xerox copiers and recommend the renewal of our distinct contract with them.

  • Motion Passed 7-0

10.3 Approval of Village Acquisition of District Property at Oswego East High School for Wolf's Crossing Road Improvements

  • Motion to approve the Donation Letter authorizing the conveyance of Parcel 0007 along Wolf's Crossing Road at Oswego East High School to the Village of Oswego, pursuant to 105 ILCS 5/5-29 contingent upon a second amendment to the annexation agreement being mutually agreed upon by SD308 and the Village of Oswego Board. If the second amendment is not accepted by either Board by August 30, 2022, SD308 agrees to sell the property for $75,500.00 to the Village of Oswego.

  • Motion Passed 6-1

10.4 Action on Uniform Grievance Procedure Complaints

  • Motion to authorize Ms. Simelton to prepare a Written Decision affirming the findings of Complaint Manager Jeremy Bell with respect to the December 7, 2021 Complaint filed by Mr. Wayne Harshberger.

  •  Motion Passed 7-0

  • Motion to authorize Ms. Simelton to prepare a Written Decision affirming the findings of Complaint Manager Jeremy Bell with respect to the February 11, 2022 Complaint filed by Mr. Deryl Leubner.

  • Motion Passed 7-0

10.5 Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement to provide a Resource Officer at OHS and OEHS

  • The Village of Oswego provides school resource officers at Oswego High School and Oswego East High School on all teacher attendance days and at requested school-sponsored functions. The service agreement between Oswego CUSD 308 and the Village of Oswego is renewed every two years, and includes detailed goals and objectives outlined in the agreement. 

  • The linked Intergovernmental agreement to provide School Resource Officer and supplemental services to Oswego High School and Oswego East High School contains proposed changes from the one utilized in the 2021 – 2022 school year. The agreement contains recommended changes to the language of the agreement as well as the annual payment and school-sponsored hourly rate.  

  • Motion Passed 7-0

10.6 Approval of Ambulance Service Agreement between Oswego Community Unit School District 308  and the Oswego Fire Protection District

  • The Oswego Fire Protection District provides a valuable and essential service to the participants and spectators at home high school football games.  In consideration of these services, the Oswego Community Unit School District 308 agrees to make payments to the Oswego Fire Protection District to assist in the efforts to deliver high-quality on-site emergency medical services at home football games at Oswego High School and Oswego East High School.  The cost for this service is $54.00 per hour.   

  • The linked Ambulance Service agreement is a renewal of the one utilized in the 2021 – 2022 school year.  There are no recommended changes to the language of the agreement. The service cost will also remain the same for the 2022 – 2023 school year. 

  • Motion Passed 7-0

10.7 Approval of Building Administrator Contract

  • Motion passed 7-0

10.8 Approval of District Administrator Contract

  • Motion passed 7-0

10.9 Approval of Personnel Report

  • Motion passed 6-1

11. Adjournment

11.1 Adjourn