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09-12-22 BOE Meeting Summary

Board of Education Meeting Summary

Monday, September 12, 2022
Video Recording

3. Call to Order - Public Session (7:15 pm)

3.1 Roll Call

3.2 Pledge of Allegiance

4. Public Comment

4.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

Four individuals shared comments which can be viewed on the video recording. 

5. Presentations

5.1 Climate for Learning Framework


The seven components of the framework were covered, with accomplishments and highlights in each section. Overall administrative recommendation for Envision 308 annual progress report is “making progress”. 

The framework is used to collect feedback from classroom walkthroughs. Additionally, the framework is provided to certified staff upon hiring, and when interviewing potential candidates, questions that align with the framework are used. 


6.1 Board Member Comments

  • President Simelton welcomed the Student Ambassadors to the meeting. Aanya Roy is returning to the role from last year and Kaitlyn Jobes is joining this year for the first time. President Simelton shared the importance of student voice being heard and engaged and how having these students here helps to capture student perspective. 
  • Mr. Ploger visited Boulder Hill recently to tour the school, visit a few classrooms, and talk with staff. He highlighted the outdoor area which has been revamped with help from community groups, families, and the school working collaboratively. He questioned if there is a playground equipment replacement schedule, which Dr. Sparlin addressed- yes there is a schedule. Mr. Ploger shared a statement he authored, themed in redundancy and looking back at past decisions and influence on future plans and resources. 
  • Mrs. Johnson welcomed the student ambassadors and thanked them for sharing their perspective. September is FASD awareness month- acknowledged on the 9th day of the 9th month. Suicide awareness month is this month- spreading hope and resources for suicicde prevention and mental health- call or text 988 in a time of crisis. Deaf awareness month in September. World Day of Deaf on September 26 acknowledges the challenges of those who are deaf and hard of hearing. It’s not a handicap, it's a different delivery of communication. Thank you to all staff and parents who assist the district in leading our delivery of education to these students.

6.2 Superintendent's Report

  • Staff feedback has included energy and excitement- the most “normal” feel since the pandemic. The number one issue that we are facing at this time is staffing. The largest concern is transportation. The current situation is nationwide- a shortage of drivers, the contract service providers can’t provide the routes they used to, we don’t have drivers to fill all routes, and with call-ins that issue is exacerbated. In the midst of driving multiple stacked routes, staff are trying to provide parent feedback on delays to the best of their ability. There are days when all CDL certified staff who are normally in administrative roles are out driving routes to help fill gaps. Dr. Sparlin acknowledged parent concerns at this time, and thanked them for continued understanding. Ideas are always welcome as we face the need to do more with less. 

6.3 Student Ambassador Reports

  • Aanya Roy, a senior at OEHS, returned for a second year. Kaitlyn Jobes is a senior at OHS, joining in her first year. The first advisory committee meeting was held last week. New members of the committee were welcomed. The topic of representing and acknowledging the diversity of the student body was discussed. In order to provide true representation, considering recruiting, and expansion of the committee size. The committee is working on a form that students could use to express interest in joining the committee and reasons why they would be an asset to the committee. 
  • The role of the committee and ambassadors is to provide student advocacy and voice on needs and concerns, which requires a survey to the student body. This helps to establish the priorities for this year.  

7. Approve Consent Agenda

7.1 Minutes from previous Meeting

7.2 Acknowledgement of Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests

Motion to approve consent agenda passed 6-0

8. Information

8.1 Financial Statements

8.2 Discussion to Update the District Mission Statement

Using feedback from senior leadership, student ambassadors, and board members, a draft of a revised mission statement was provided by district leaders to the board. The mission statement is a board asset and their feedback, changes, and discussion will determine the final statement. 

Discussion from student ambassadors included feedback on specific words- encouraged, motivated and challenged which may resonate strongly with the student body and more appropriately indicate the personalized approach for students.  

Mrs. Johnson encouraged the board to consider awaiting feedback from the public through the advisory committee. President Simelton wants the feedback from the Climate and Culture survey that 1,400 staff members completed to be included in the discussion. Mr. Ploger questioned if anything was done to gain feedback from community members on the proposed language. 

  • Draft Vision Visual Graphic
  • Memo on tweaking mission statement

Motion to table the topic was made and failed 2-4.
Discussion continued on the topic, and included the desire to get the feedback from the current student advisory committee and new community advisory committee. The goal for completion of the feedback collection is prior to winter break. 

8.3 Procedures for Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

      Draft Community Advisory Committee Procedures

Beginning in June at the Board Retreat the topic of advisory committees was discussed- are all four separate groups moving in the same direction? In order to improve efficiency and productivity, these four existing board advisory committees will remain, however the membership will be two board members and three appointed administrators. A fifth committee is being added, the Community Advisory Committee. The meetings, subject to the Open Meetings Act, will include a published agenda, and is open to the public to attend and speak during public comment.

8.4 Revised Procedures for Board Committees

The idea of a large collaborative group of community members and staff to serve as a community advisory committee was recommended by administration to the board. The existing committee members from the four board committees will be invited to join the larger community committee. This meeting will be subject to the Open Meetings Act, will include a published agenda, and is open to the public to attend and participate in public comment. 

      Draft Community Action Committee Procedures 

      Board Committee Structure

8.5 Board Policy 2:150 Board Committees

9. Action Items

9.1 Approval of Bills for Payment

Motion Passed 6-0

9.2 Approval of First Planning Solutions Routing Service

We are hiring and training a replacement for a staff position which will be responsible for creating, updating and maintaining routing. However, at this time there is an immediate need for student routing expertise.

Being presented tonight for action is a contract with First Student to provide the expertise in creating, updating, and maintaining student bus route information.  Budgeted cost for this contract is $32,000.

Motion Passed 6-0

9.3 Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement with the Kendall County Food Pantry

The Oswego Community Unit School District and the Kendall County Community Food Pantry have engaged in a partnership over the past several school years, most notably with the School District Food Drive held each fall.

In October of 2020 that partnership expanded, and the Oswego Satellite Location of the Kendall County Community Food Pantry opened. Operating once a month at 61 Franklin Street, the food pantry has provided canned/non-perishable food items, as well as produce and bread, to guests who live within the SD308 attendance area. Attendance has averaged approximately 120 families per month.

Per the agreement, the district will continue to provide a location for the food pantry, house shelving, freezers, and refrigerators for food storage, and provide volunteers for the food pantry. The food pantry will provide perishable and nonperishable food, food storage equipment, signage, and a client registration system for the Oswego Satellite.

The Food Pantry agreement is a renewal of the one utilized in the 2021 – 2022 school year. There are no recommended changes to the language of the agreement. The service cost will also remain the same for the 2022 – 2023 school year. 

Motion Passed 6-0

9.4 Approval of Personnel Report

Motion Passed 4-1 (1 abstain)

10. Adjournment

10.1 Adjourn at 9:38pm