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09-26-22 BOE Meeting Summary

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Board of Education Meeting
September 26, 2022

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3. Call to Order - Public Session (7:15 pm)

3.1 Roll Call

3.2 Pledge of Allegiance


4. Public Hearing

4.1 Public Hearing on FY23 Budget

No public comment related to the budget hearing

4.2 Update on FY23 Budget

Budget summary form

4.3 Close Public Hearing


5. Public Comment

5.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

One comment was shared and can be viewed on the video linked above.


6. Presentations

6.1 IASB Presentation on PRESS Plus Service


A speaker from the Illinois Association of School Boards presented on the difference between the PRESS reference manual and updates (which the district currently subscribes to) with their PRESS Plus offering. With PRESS Plus, the Association could use the custom SD 308 Board Policies when making updates, reviewing potential changes for board consideration, eliminating the need for district staff to compare the PRESS updates/changes with the SD 308 policies to compare and capture changes. Currently, 524 Illinois districts subscribe to PRESS Plus. 

6.2 School Safety and Security Presentation


SD 308 Executive Director of Student Services Jeremy Bell, and Safety Coordinator Mike Frieders shared a presentation outlining the practices, tools, and resources that are used to protect the safety of students and staff. The four main areas include Proactive, Monitor, Evaluate, and Response. 

Proactive: Secured Entrances, Visitor Management (Raptor), Emergency Response Plans

Monitoring: Reports through Safe2Help Illinois, SD 308 Incident Reporting Form, Securly Web/Email/Google Suite Monitoring for keywords/phrases, Cameras

Evaluate: Threat Assessment Team and Decision Tree

Response: ALICE, 911 Protocols

Contributions to Safety Overall include having School Resource Officers, a newly added Coordinator of Safety and Security, and Staff Education/Practice. Maintaining safe and nurturing learning environments is a component of the district’s strategic plan Envision 308. 



7.1 Board Member Comments

Mrs. Johson shared that she attended a portion of the BIONIC student training program, the training included students from seven other schools. She also congratulated Student Ambassador Aanya Roy as a semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship program. Mrs. Johson provided a note of appreciation and gratitude to both the district tech department for all their behind the scenes work, and also the home and school parent groups that are meeting and providing opportunities for parents to be involved in the schools. 

Mr. Ploger shared condolences on Dick Underwood’s passing. Mr. Underwood was a long-time educator, administrator, coach, volunteer, and mentor in several nearby districts and communities. Mr. Ploger also shared, with a heavy heart, the loss of the fourth student this year in the school community he serves, their Mustang community is grieving. 


7.2 Board Committee Reports

Policy and Legislative Committee: PRESS updates were reviewed and suggestions were made on the Uniform Grievance procedures and timelines. Review of policy on Title IX grievance procedures, including feedback from previous committee members, additional language is desired regarding substance, reporting, and consequence. Additional policies were discussed related to diverse hiring, bullying, purchased contracts, disposition of district property, homework uniformity, and Ashley’s law. Graduation procedures for acknowledgement of academic achievement including the use of metals or pins at commencement, and other celebrations. 

Teaching and Learning: Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) was reviewed. MTSS can help to identify and address issues earlier. Components of student choice being implemented at schools, such as independent reading, have shown academic growth. School-wide expectations for behavior, communication efforts to educate and remind students are helping positively impact student behavior.  A desire was shared to have additional data reported and shared on how the efforts are helping. 


7.3 Superintendent's Report

Dr. Sparlin shared information about Evidence Based Funding (EBF), which is the formula used to fund public schools in Illinois. The model was started in August of 2015. SD 308 is a Tier 1 school district within the 3-tiered model. Our current adequacy percent is 66%. Tier 1 districts receive 50% of new money added to the funding model each year, which is slated to be $350 million per year. The public is encouraged to talk with their representatives about the importance of funding EBF, it’s had a very positive impact on our district.

7.4 Student Ambassador Reports

At the last Student Advisory Committee they discussed how to recruit new members to the committee, they developed a slide to be pushed through schools, which will include a QR code to a form to apply. They wish to include more students, including students earlier in their high school career, so they have a chance to get and stay involved. A broader representation of the student body, including diverse groups of students is important in order for all student voices and perspectives to be heard. Conversation was held regarding another student survey in the future. 


8. Approve Consent Agenda

8.1 Minutes from previous Meeting

8.2 Acknowledgement of Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests

8.3 Acknowledgement of Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report for FY22

8.4 Resolution Approving TRS SSP Employer Participation Agreement

Motion to Approve Consent Agenda Passed 6-0


9. Information

9.1 District Climate & Culture Survey Overview


Superintendent Dr. Sparlin provided a high level overview of the initial results from the Climate and Culture Survey distributed to staff in May. The survey was taken by 1,470 staff members, the data is broken out into six primary roles (district administrators, school administrators, district office staff, school office staff, other district staff, teachers and other school staff). A Survey Response Plan is in development to provide a deeper understanding of the data by employee group, needs for additional information, possible initiatives for improvement and action plans. The highest levels of satisfaction was seen in the area of relationships with colleagues, leaders, and students. Overall, the results show that as an employer, schools rate more favorably than the district. Replies do vary significantly between employee groups. Additional surveys are being launched within some employee groups. Staff will receive additional information over the next several weeks, the full response plan will be shared with the Board once finalized. 


9.2 Policies First Read: Section 4: Operations (4:65) Section 5: General Personnel (5:80) Section 6: Instruction (6:330) Section 7: Students 7:270)


9.3 Board Member Travel Request

Five members of the Board of Education will be attending the annual state conference in Chicago in November. 

The travel request form contains the maximum allowable amounts to be paid for the various travel expenses. These are estimates only in order to get board approval BEFORE travel. After the event, all receipts must be submitted to the board secretary, after which the form gets completed. A second board approval is ONLY needed if the actual cost exceeds the previously estimated cost.

Costs included to be paid for the Triple I Conference: Conference registration fees, Lodging, Parking, Tolls, Mileage, Meals.  Travel Request Form: Triple I Conference


10. Action Items

10.1 Adoption of FY23 Budget

The FY23 tentative budget was presented on August 22, 2022 and was on public display for 33 days.  The final budget being presented today has a budget surplus of $2.658 million dollars. In addition, revenue and expenditure assumptions are listed below:

Revenue assumptions used:

Receipt of four (4) state categorical payments

EBF increase from our FY22 levels – total of $89,022,359

Expense assumptions used:

Salaries – per negotiated collective bargaining agreements

3%-5% employee benefit increases

Contracted Services: Food Services and Outsourced Transportation

Budget Form Final
Motion Passed 4-2

10.2 Policy Second Read and Approval: Section 2: School Board (2:150)

Motion Passed 5-1

10.3 Approval of Personnel Report

Motion Passed 4-1-1 (abstain)


11. Adjournment

11.1 Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 10:19pm