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Computer Scientist From FermiLab Visits Plank JHS

Oswego, Ill.  (Dec. 9, 2016) - This week, Marco Mambelli visited Plank Junior High from Fermilab to talk to the Robotics Club about Computer Science in honor of the Hour of Code week. Mr. Mambelli spoke of his first computer he had when he was 13 years old and how he became involved in computer programming.  He is from Pisa, Italy.  He told us about his job at Fermilab doing computer programming and data analysis with some of the largest computers in the world in CERN, Switzerland, which is the birthplace of the World Wide Web.  He also said that he puts together computers virtually in order to use the fastest and newest equipment.  He showed us a picture of one of the fastest computers, MIRA, that is located at Argonne National Laboratory.
Students asked questions about the Quark being discovered at Fermilab and discussion was had about how lucky are students are to have two national labs, Fermilab and Argonne right here in driving distance in Illinois.  He told us how computer scientists virtually share computers when running their code because of the amount of data that they have and the need to have multiple computers to handle all their data. He talked about the chance for the students to do a summer internship program at Fermilab.  
The website is  Fermilab is going to be 50 years old this next year and will be hosting many events  
Additionally, the Robotics Club recently used computer coding for their robots in their last competition to make their robots perform certain functions. They found coding to be challenging but fun. Students can find more information about the Hour of Code and learn how to use code at  ~L. Jessup

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