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Dr. Sparlin Visits The G.O.A.L. Program

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Superintendent Dr. John Sparlin spent time visiting with students and staff at The G.O.A.L. (Granting Opportunities for Alternative Learning) Program on Thursday, September 29. Students in Mr. Cherwin's class asked questions of Dr. Sparlin, engaging in discussion on their current lesson. Dr. Sparlin then joined a Kinetic Wellness class, where they held a friendly basketball game. 

During the game, the school participated in a planned ALICE (intruder) drill. Students and staff acted quickly, and appropriately, responding to the drill by barricading the doors leading into the gym.  Dr. Sparlin joined staff and students for the drill, after barricading the gym, they made their way near the exterior doors which would have provided an immediate exit from the building, if necessary. 

Dr. Sparlin has been on a regular rotation of visiting buildings, engaging with students and staff to keep a pulse on how things are going across the district's 23 schools. "Sometimes I'm a guest reader or lunch table visitor, I've assisted in a class lesson, or joined in as an extra player for a game", said Dr. Sparlin. "I really enjoy this time connecting with the students, something I have really missed from early in my career as a teacher."

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