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Thompson Students Hoop it Up

Over the past few weeks Thompson students and staff have been collecting money for our Hoops for Heart event. We are very proud of everyone who donated money for this important cause.
On Friday, February 12th, we ended the donation period with a fun assembly. The Thompson 8th grade  basketball team played a group of staff members in a game of hoops.  The staff prevailed 30-29 in the fun and exciting game.
Students who donated were also eligible to play in a knockout tournament during halftime of the staff/student game. Finalists played in the championships at the assembly by grade levels with the top 3 in each group participating for a shot at the title for the best knockout player at Thompson JHS.  Winners of knockout were Joey Niesman - 8th and overall knockout champ; Landon Sebestin - 7th; Kyle Christiansen - 6th grade. We also honored out top fundraiser who was Carolyn Kainz - 7th. Thank you to all students and staff who donated. We are very proud of our Tigers and the community.
Winners  Game on  Knockout