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Thompson Teachers Run for Awareness

Autism affects 1 in 68 children and is the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the United States. There is no cure, but with continued research, there is hope to solve the puzzle, piece by piece. Teachers from Thompson Junior High helped to raise over $21,000 for Autism Awareness in efforts to support Autism research and awareness by participating in the Piece By Piece virtual 5k/10k/Half Marathon. 16 race medals were awarded to students in the STARS program at TJHS. Teachers participating in this year's event include Ms. Bridget Bois, Ms. Shauna Vandervort, Ms. Sue Hearne, Ms. Kelli Kelly, Mr. Randy Craig, Ms. Katharine Latta, Ms. Corie Folley, Ms. Sarah McCoy, Ms. Mary Engfer and friends, Ms. Abby Gilliam, and Ms. Angela Robinson.