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Thompson Students Compete at the Naperville Regional Robotics Tournament


December 07, 2019

The following Thompson students competed at the Naperville Regional Robotics Tournament.  Althought on different teams, several Thompson students scored 2nd and 3rd place on the Robotics table, and won the Judge's Choice Award.  These students should be proud of all the work they put in.  We cannot wait to see what you accomplish next year!

  • Brody Vaughn
  • Nathan Barry
  • Karlos Luna
  • Ella Springsteen
  • Amylah Thomas
  • James Bellah
  • Achyut Vavilala
  • Wes Collins
  • Zach Mendez
  • Justin Taylor
  • Alicial Lovell
  • Drianna Grimes
  • Justin Taylor
  • Marc Cook



2019 Thompson Robotics Team

Front row:  Zach Mendez, Karlos Luna, Marc Cook, Ella Springsteen, James Bella

Back row:  Nathan Barry, Achyut Vavilala, Drianna Grimes, Alicia Lovell, Justin Taylor, Amylah Thomas, Wes Collins


Competition 1

Justin Taylor, Alicia Lovell, Amylah Thomas, Driann Grimes



Ella Sprinigsteen



Karlos Luna