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Traughber Principal Update 1/9/22!!

Hello Panther Families!

Happy New Year!

We are so excited to welcome back our students TOMORROW! Here are some items covered in this email:

  1. Getting your student ready to return
  2. Updates on Covid guidance and mitigation
  3. Setting goals for Semester II
  4. Staying informed of Traughber news and updates
  5. Partnering to help your student succeed

Getting Ready to Return Tomorrow—Changing routines can be a challenge, but made easier…here is how:

  • Prioritize rest—including time without devices in the bedroom (too tempting!)
  • Get supplies ready—Chromebook CHARGED, backpack cleaned out, gym uniform cleaned, supplies loaded and ready to go tonight, extra mask or other supplies like water bottle ready. Temps are projected to be low tomorrow—plan ahead for safety.
  • Check your schedule in Tyler—MANY schedules will change—electives, lunch, PE, etc., may be different. Go into Tyler and make sure students know about changes to their schedule.
  • Remember locker combos—also available in Tyler
  • Make sure your student knows how to connect to Google Classrooms—they may have received updated invites for Semester II from teachers—they can check their email to see if they have messages.
  • Remind your student that school (their workplace) has different expectations than home—and that is okay! The biggest adjustment for many of our students will be to put away personal devices (cellphones, earbuds, and even YouTube on their Chromebook) to maintain a focus on class learning between 8:10-3:10. Students can ask a staff member for permission to check their phone if they are expecting an important message from a family member. Devices are a strong attention/diversion pull from our students and family support to help students understand time/place for personal use is very helpful!

Updates on Covid Guidance—patience is needed through the transition to updated guidance.

As of right now…our Covid guidelines continue to be the same as they were in December, but you may be aware that IDPH is in the process of updating guidance, including the time of exclusion. Please CHECK HERE for SD308 Covid Resources and guidance to stay up to date. Continue to call in to attendance (630-636-2701) if your student is ill or symptomatic. Students excluded for Covid protocols will continue to have access to Temporary Distance Learning in their Google Classrooms. There is still a mask mandate for all schools, so please make sure your student has a couple of masks in their backpack. We will continue to space out in classrooms and have sanitizer available in all rooms.

Setting Goals for Semester II-Grades for Semester I will be official on the 21st, but a peek into Tyler will give you and your student a good idea about how the semester went. If you log into Tyler with your student, you can view attendance, grades, behavior, etc. Ask your student what went well—what do they plan to continue? What help do they need from you or their teachers? Ask what they think could improve? Do they have ideas of how to improve? Please reach out to your student’s teachers or school counselor if you have significant concerns. Goal setting is new for many junior high students. We will work on it here at Traughber and you can work on it at home. Together, we can help students gain the satisfaction that comes through improvement via personal effort.

Staying Informed of Opportunities at Traughber-This a reminder that our Traughber Webpage remains a consistent resource for Traughber families and students on student activities, daily announcements, upcoming events, and opportunities. If you have a question, check there first!

Partnering to help your student succeed-As we enter 2022, please know how grateful we are to work with your student. Junior high is a time of amazing changes physically and mentally in children and we want you parents and guardians to feel like we are in partnership! Please reach out to us if you have a question or need help.

Go Panthers!

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