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Knitting STEM Club at Lakewood Creek

The Knitting STEM Club is back in full force!

Knitting Club is back at Lakewood Creek! Mrs. Murgas and Mrs. Lockwood are so excited to host Knitting Club again this year!  Students come to learn how to finger knit, loom knit, and knit with knitting needles. Those who already know how to knit are able to help the beginners as well as improve their own knitting skills. Knitting is relaxing and also has so many other benefits including concentration, fine and gross motor skills, and problem solving. The club is so popular, 38 students have signed up for it! One student has even knitted a hat for her cat, Harry! Harry is actually happy and likes his cap!


 Lakewood Creek Knitting Club 1   Lakewood Creek Knitting Club 2


 Harry the happy cat with his knitted cap