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5th grade - 1000 Day of school

Many students celebrate 100 Day at school but in 5th grade, the thousandth day of school is celebrated! 5th graders participated in different challenges throughout the day both in person and virtually to celebrate their thousandth day of school. 

Students did a little research to figure out what items cost 100 years ago compared to the cost today. Students even predicted the cost of items 100 years from now.

5th graders also calculated how old they would be the next time they were in school for 1,000 days. 

The 5th graders also wrote short essays about how they would spread kindness with $1,000. Their ideas and thoughts were AMAZING! 

In Miss Wilson's classroom, students were given a STEM challenge to create a sturdy bridge with 100 toothpicks and marshmallows. The students used their math skills and background knowledge to determine the sturdiest design. 

Overall, it was a fantastic thousandth day in 5th grade!