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Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Sewart

✨STAFF SPOTLIGHT✨ - Shining bright on Mrs. Sewart! We are thrilled to welcome her back with the Grizzlies in 3rd grade!
Prior to staying home with her family, Mrs. Sewart taught at Grande Park for 7 years. We are so lucky to have Mrs. Sewart return to the Grizzly Pack!
Here are 3 fun facts she wanted to share.
1. I have four kids and two dogs. Michael will be a junior at OHS, Matthew will be an eighth grader at Traughber, Evelyn will be a sixth grader at Traughber, and Sadie will be a third grader at Prairie Point. Jack and Abby, our dogs, are six and three years old.
2. Throughout the past three years, we have fostered twenty dogs, including a mama dog who had seven puppies at our house!
3. My daughter Evelyn and I both ride horses. It is our favorite thing to do!
Please give Mrs. Sewart a big Grizzly welcome back when you see her!
Mrs. Sewart and her 4 children
Mrs. Sewart riding a horse.
Mrs. Sewart's foster puppies.