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ECO Club - Help us make benches for Homestead

The Eco Club is participating in a recycling project that turns plastic lids and caps into benches.

The Eco Club members have been busy sorting and weighing the plastic caps and lids we have collected, so far.   This plastic will be taken to Green Tree Plastics in Evansville, Indiana, and turned into benches for our school.   The goal is for bench pickup in May.

In addition to the weight of plastic we collect, there is a cost for each bench.  Prices range from $205 for a 4’ bench to $350 for an 8’ bench. At this time, we are looking for sponsors to complete our project.  Donations will cover the cost of the benches, and the transportation to deliver the caps and pick up our bench(es).  If you, or someone you know, would like to help, I can be contacted directly at

We will continue collecting lids/caps from bottles, tubs and jars , so keep saving!  Please, make sure the lids are clean and dry before sending them.   

To find out more about the ABC program and to see what caps and lids are acceptable, visit:


Thank you,

The Eco Club

Mrs. Confiliano