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Lakewood Creek Author Visit

Mrs. Jamie Glaser, Lakewood Creek’s very own art teacher, visited our school as a visiting author to share her book Then There’s Violet. She began her outstanding assembly encouraging students to chase and share their dreams. Mrs. Glaser began her career as a graphic designer and has had many artistic experiences. She has been an art director for a theater group, blogs about teacher art, and displayed her own art work in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Maryland.

Fifth graders Kaisje and Matie said, ”Lakewood Creek’s very own art teacher brought us Then There’s Violet. This book is about her very own daughter. The first thing she talked about was chasing and sharing dreams. She told the students to be inspired and make sure to explore all options. She inspired the kids to make and love what they create. The message was heard to stay strong and not give up on your dreams.”

Mrs. Glaser reminded the kids about the creative cycle they learn about in art class. As she went through the steps of writing and publishing a book, she shared that her inspiration came from an author who visited Lakewood Creek in October of 2013. The very day the author came, Mrs. Glaser went home and began her story. The book wasn’t published until April of 2016. The 2 ½ year process was long and hard, but she didn’t give up. There were samples of story boards and rough drafts that the students got to see.

The students got to ask questions, and interestingly, they used the reading skills they are learning at school by asking questions that made Mrs.  Glaser think critically to be able to answer.

Special thanks to Mrs. Glaser!

Mrs. Glaser