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Read Across America

Read Across America

The beauty of the United States of America is our diversity! Every town consists of great community builders, scientists, communicators, & so many more unique individuals!! 

Read Across America is a week dedicated to inspiring excitement about reading!

Monday, February 28th - “American Character Counts” Each American needs to foster community by upholding the pillars of good character. Celebrate this day by choosing a pillar and trying to wear as much of the corresponding color as possible. *For an extra challenge, try to wear ALL the colors* 

Tuesday, March 1st - “Hometown Hero Day” / “Future Career Day” America has heroes all around us in its cities and towns. What kind of heroes do you see in your town? Interview someone you know who is a hometown hero! Thank them for their service! Celebrate at school with us by dressing like a hometown hero, or in the clothes of your future career! Wednesday, 

Wednesday March 2nd - “Favorite Book Character Day” Dr. Seuss’s birthday is what sparked “Read Across America Day.” In honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, dress like your favorite literary character from any author’s book! 

Thursday, March 3rd - “Diverse Americans Day” Celebrate the fact that you are American by wearing the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue!