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Cougars reading club

Cougars reading club


The Kane County Reading Program has begun.  Do you want to earn a free ticket to a Cougars game?   All you have to do is read!

This eight-week program is divided into 4, two-week segments, with each segment representing a base on a baseball diamond.   When a student completes a segment, they will advance to the next base.


Your child needs to complete the following reading assignment every 2 weeks:

Kindergarten and 1st grade:  100 minutes (50 min per week/ 10 mins per weekday

2nd and 3rd grade:  160 minutes (80 mins per week / 16 mins per weekday)

4th and 5th grade: 200 minutes (100 mins per week / 20 mins per weekday)


Turn in your reading minutes to your teacher and earn a ticket to a Cougars game!   If you have lost the form, contact Mrs. Albrichet or the office for a replacement