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10-11-22 BOE Meeting Summary

Board of Education Meeting Summary
October 11, 2022 

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3. Call to Order - Public Session (7:15 pm)

3.1 Roll Call

3.2 Pledge of Allegiance

4. Public Comment

4.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

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5. Presentations

5.1 Special Education Annual Presentation

Presented by Executive Director of Special Education Denise Hildebrand

Dr. Hildebrand shared updates on existing program services, accomplishments over the past year as outlined in the Envision 308 plan, and shared the 2022-23 goals. A few highlights: 

  • The district serves 2409 Students (14%) with Individual Education Programs (Early Childhood – Transition), and 680 Students with 504 Plans (EC – Grade 12). 

  • Implemented the Cross-Categorical Matrix at early childhood and several elementary buildings with a focus on the LSP (Life Skills) and ISP (Instructional Skills) programs.

  • (Spring, 2022) Supported decision-making regarding student placement at both REACH and East View Academy- Exit/Entrance Criteria (Ongoing).

  • Piloted the REACH program in the Winter of 2022 with full implementation for the 22-23 school year including daily therapeutic supports and small classroom environment.

  • Conducted LEA (Local Education Agency) Boot Camp for all new assistant principals and speech/language pathologists in August and September, 2021. Provided ongoing mentoring/coaching support for new assistant principals and SLPs in the LEA role during the school year.

  • Administrative recommendation on annual report progress “making progress” 

  • Indicators of success for 2022-23 include: 

    • Develop a decision-making process for programming for secondary students.

    • Train and implement the process (utilizing a Cross-Categorical matrix) for early childhood and elementary students. 

    • Continue the pilot of the REACH program and enhance programming at East View Academy (EVA) and Pathways. 

    • Continue implementation of the Special Education professional development plan for all Special Education staff. 

    • Continue implementation of LEA trainings for new K-8 Assistant Principals and new Speech/Language Pathologists with onsite coaching support provided by program administrators. Continue to have K-8 Assistant Principals and all SLPs serve as LEAs for targeted IEP meetings.



6.1 Board Member Comments

Mrs. Swanson shared the schools at which reading screeners are trained for the color overlay (IRLEN). 

Mr. Cirone attended cross country held today in the rain, congratulations to those athletes for persevering. 

Mr. Ploger shared that he met with some community members recently and wanted to acknowledge their voice and thanked them for watching, and for sharing. He noted that it's not always what you hear but sometimes what you don’t hear. He expressed appreciation to those who stay connected.

6.2 Board Committee Reports

Equity Committee: The topics revolved around serving students with IEPs and 504s, which totals over 3,000 students in our district across all schools. Meeting discussion included topics around how to keep that population of parents and students engaged and informed. Needs will likely continue to increase following the pandemic. Districts don’t always receive IDEA, federal funding for the education of children with disabilities as anticipated. Attendance issues were discussed, especially in cases of school refusal. MTSS and early intervention was discussed, as well as over and under representation in races. 

Finance Committee Meeting: Quorum was not met, meeting was not held.

6.3 Superintendent's Report

Dr. Sparlin shared that OHS Homecoming was last week, many activities were held. This is the final two days of the annual district-wide Food Drive. This serves as the largest donation to the pantry, keeping their shelves stocked for 3-4 months. The schools use this time to teach about food insecurity and hunger. This year we are tracking at less than 50% of previous record collection totals- hoping the final day is strong. 

District leaders, board members, and administrators met last week with an IASB advisor, regarding the presentation on Student Voice to be presented at the Triple I (IASBO, IASB, IASA) conference in Chicago on Nov. 19. 

October 19th from 6-7:30pm will be the first Community Advisory Meeting at Oswego East.

6.4 Student Ambassador Report

Finalizing the form, slides and flyers to students to apply for the committee. This application process includes optional information that students can share about themselves. Several students from the student ambassadors and student advisory will be included in the presentation at the large Triple I Conference in Chicago in November.

7. Approve Consent Agenda

7.1 Minutes from previous Meeting

7.2 Acknowledgement of Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests

Motion to approve Consent Agenda passed 6-0

8. Information

8.1 Financial Statements

8.2 New High School Courses - 2023-24 School Year


Executive Director of High School Education Mr. Dan Arntzen presented eight new courses being proposed for the 2023-24 school year. 

  • Career Seminar Course Sequence (CTE Programs Of Study)

  • Introduction to Digital Photography Course Sequence

  • Sports Officiating Sports Sequence  

  • Lifeguarding Sequence

  • AP Precalculus Sequence  

  • Contemporary Human Geography Sequence 

  • Introduction to Piano Sequence

  • Music Production Sequence 

8.3 School Maintenance Projects Grant

The School Maintenance Project Grant is a dollar-for-dollar state matching grant program.  This grant provides awards up to $50,000 to grantees exclusively for the maintenance of buildings or structures used for educational purposes. We have begun the application process, citing the OE and OH boiler/chiller project. We will be using DSEB funds to pay for this project along with this grant. The application must be submitted to ISBE by November 15, 2022.


8.4 Discussion of Student Fees

A brief presentation was provided by Dr. John Petzke to guide Board discussion of student fees, specifically addressing student academic fees and student participation fees. The Board does have a policy, Board Policy 4:140 which guides fee collection. 

  • There are several programs which cover partial and full reduction of fees and/or meal programs based on certification of participation in state programs or approval of an income-based district application.

  • A fee audit was provided to the Board which outlines each building, the number of students with outstanding fees, the total amount, the amount of families who owe more than $500, and the number of families on payment plans. In total $1,227,936 of fees are unpaid on 4,054 students accounts, with 771 families owing more than $500, currently 551 families are on a payment plan. 

  • A comparison of current registration fees and activity fees in our district and others in the area was shared.


Board members discussed several concerns with the existing policy/practice. These will be considered when fee changes are presented/recommended by Dr. Petzke.

  • The need for a reduced fee be considered for students who qualify for a reduced lunch program. 

  • Service clubs not to be charged fees as they are doing a service to the district, fees waived for honor societies students qualify for. 

  • The minimum budget plan is $50 per student per month, some families are not applying as they can’t make the minimum. 

  • Students are being excluded from participation based on the family not being able to meet the minimum payments, not in line with equity practices.

  • Financial collection practices need to match the strategic plan for the district.

  • The cost of full-day kindergarten is significantly higher than other area districts; it was raised with budget cutting/fee increases several years ago.

  • Need to review the impact of fee reduction scenarios on budget projections.

  • Review annual costs by year, not cumulative total. 

  • Consider household limits for households of multiple children.

  • Several proposals for consideration requested from the board. 


8.5 Intergovernmental Agreement for Sharing Services between Villages, Counties, Township, Library, Fire Department and Park District

For the past 3 years all the public entities that serve the Oswego community have participated in a shared services IGA.  This group meets on a monthly basis to discuss shared interests and resources.  As you may recall, the salt storage partnership that the District has entered with the Public Works Department is the first example of the potential that this group has in reducing costs for all taxpayers in Oswego.  Future conversations and partnerships include joint bidding/purchasing, borrowing of equipment, and shared services.

To protect each entity and to provide authorization to enter into joint purchasing agreements, including salt, the attached Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) is being renewed.  This IGA allows the entities to coordinate with each other on an ‘as needed basis’ giving each entity the latitude to participate in a shared project/service at their own discretion. The IGA also offers protections to each of the entities in the way of damages, injuries, losses, etc. and outlines insurance requirements. Each entity is presenting the IGA renewal to their respective Boards.

9. Action Items

9.1 Approval of Bills for Payment

Motion Passed 6-0

9.2 Policies for Second Read and Approval: Section 4: Operations (4:65) Section 5: General Personnel  (5:80) Section 6: Instruction (6:330) Section 7: Students (7:270)

Motion Passed 5-1

9.3 Approval of PRESS Plus Services

Policy Services Catalog 

Policy Manual Customization Agreement

Motion Passed 4-2


9.4 Approval of Board Member Travel Request

Five members of the Board of Education will be attending the annual state conference in Chicago in November.  The travel request form contains the maximum allowable amounts to be paid for the various travel expenses. These are estimates only in order to get board approval BEFORE travel. After the event, all receipts must be submitted to the board secretary, after which the form gets completed. A second board approval is ONLY needed if the actual cost exceeds the previously estimated cost.

Costs included to be paid for the Triple I Conference: Conference registration fees, Lodging, Parking, Tolls, Mileage, Meals.  Travel Request Form: Triple I Conference

Motion Passed 4-2


9.5 Approval of District Administrator Contract

Dr. Tammi Harmon, Director of Elementary Education

Motion Passed 5-1


9.6 Approval of Personnel Report

Motion Passed 5-1


10. Adjournment

10.1 Adjourn 

Motion to adjourn at 9:47pm