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Dr. Sparlin Visits East View Acadmeny (EVA)

Dr Sparlin, EVA Student, EVA Teacher, reviewing lunch menu Dr. Sparlin with EVA student Dr. Sparlin laughing at student's comment from EVA 

Dr. Sparlin enjoyed interacting with staff and students at East View Academy last week. The school serves elementary, junior high and high school students in an alternative setting, with additional supports. High school students had prepared a list of questions to ask Dr. Sparlin, and engaged in discussion about future careers. He met with several teachers, admiring the spaces they've created for students where balance and focus are more easily achieved.

The school is an important asset, serving students in innovative ways- the staff is truly one of a kind, and so inspiring.

!Dr. Sparlin with EVA teacher Dr. Sparlin wiht EVA Teacher and EVA student review story structure