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SD 308 Winners Announced in 9th Annual SD 308 & Allied First Bank Food Drive, Chick-fil-A Spirit Week, and Allied First Bank Crosstown Challenge

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SD 308 Winners Announced in 9th Annual SD 308 & Allied First Bank Food Drive, Chick-fil-A Spirit Week, and Allied First Bank Crosstown Challenge

Oswego, Ill. (Oct. 24, 2022) —  The Oswego Community Unit School District 308 Board of Education, Superintendent Dr. John Sparlin, District Partners from Allied First Bank and Chick-fil-A, Aramark Food Services, and the Kendall County Community Food Pantry (KCCFP) were present at the 18th Annual Crosstown Challenge Football Game between the Oswego East Wolves and the Oswego Panthers for several exciting presentations. 


Allied First Bank check presentation The Allied Bank Crosstown Challenge traveling trophy is presented to the school with the most regular season wins across all boys and girls varsity Crosstown competitions from the previous school year (2021-2022).  The Crosstown Challenge winning school for the 2021-2022 school year was presented to Oswego High School, accepted by Oswego High School principal, Chris Grays, and athletic director, Darren Howard. Allied First Bank presented each school with a check for $2,500 in celebration of their participation in the Crosstown Challenge and provided 3,000+ Crosstown Challenge t-shirts for fans in attendance. The bank will also be presenting $20,000 in scholarships ($10,000/each school)  to students from both OHS and OEHS in the spring.  Over the past 15 years, Allied First Bank has given out more nearly half a million dollars in scholarships and donations to students at both high schools and is a proud sponsor of several district recognition programs.  


Throughout the week leading up to the Crosstown Challenge football game, Chick-fil-A hostedChick-fil-A check presentation Spirit Week, a friendly competition between Oswego and Oswego East High Schools. As patrons ordered throughout the week, they designated that they were ordering for either Oswego High or Oswego East. The winning school for the 2022 Chick-fil-A Oswego Spirit Week was Oswego High School.  A $1,000 gift from Chick-fil-A was presented to the Oswego High School cheerleaders and a $500 check was presented to Oswego East High School cheerleaders. Chick-fil-A partners with the district to support many programs throughout the year. 


The 9th Annual SD 308 & Allied First Bank Food Drive was the largest and most successful drive since the district’s in 2014 when the district donated 58,000 items to the Kendall County Community Food Pantry (KCCFP). This year, the district again focused on the KCCFP’s bulk buying power ability to purchase $8 of groceries for every $1 and encouraged donations through the KCCFP’s online donation site. It is reported in the U.S., that the average cost of food per person is $11.05/day, $77.35/week, and $342.50/month. 


Every dollar donated was given credit for eight items to their school towards the district’s competition. This year, with both combined actual items collected and the monetary equivalent “items”, the district was able to report 413,137 total items/equivalent items. Since its inaugural drive in 2014, this donation drive to the KCCFP accounts for the largest single donation they receive annually. In total, SD 308 has donated more than 1.6 million “items” to the Kendall County Community Food Pantry.


The food drive is used throughout the district as an opportunity for students to learn about hunger and food insecurities, and how important it is to be helpful to others in a time of need in a fun and competitive way between schools. Schools across the district used the food drive as a platform to teach valuable lessons, including how each of us individuals, when working together towards the same goal, can have a monumental impact on something we believe in. Aramark Food Service joins with the school district every year in providing leadership and assistance in making the food drive such a successful event. Schools earning the top spot in each division, by collecting the most items/equivalent items per student in their building, were awarded plaques during halftime 


Food Drive Winners and KCCFP Representative and Dr. SparlinThis year’s winners are: at the high school level, Oswego East, which donated 22 items/per student; the junior high level, Bednarcik, which donated 29 items/per student; and the elementary level and overall grand champion trophy winner, Churchill Elementary School, which donated 107 items/per student. We are so proud of all of our students, parents, and community members who contributed to make this Food Drive such a huge success for the Kendall County Community Food Pantry and those in our area who find themselves in need.