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Dr. Sparlin Visits Old Post Elementary School

Dr. Sparlin spent time in various classrooms at Old Post
Elementary School on Thursday, October 27th

Dr. Sparlin pictured with escorts Parker and Amelia











Dr. Sparlin was escorted around Old Post Elementary School by two very responsible and helpful 5th grade students, Parker and Amelia.  


Dr. Sparlin with yellow group explaining their yellow toys to each other Kindergarten classroom students










While visiting kindergarten, he participated in a game describing items shared by students on "yellow day".  


3rd grade classroom Dr. Sparlin reads to class










In several third grade classrooms, he was able to read a couple different stories to students, chosen by their classes.  


student receiving a high five from Dr. Sparlinstudent asks Dr. Sparlin a question










In a math class, he asked and answered questions- with one student's request being "Can I get a high-five?"

Dr. Sparlin made his way around the school, engaging with staff and students as he went. Thanks again to Parker and Amelia, they were great tourguides!